StarOffice PVP

(e) encouragement of illegal copying Yes, I confess it: in the past I’ve copied illegally and have provided illegal copies of software to students who asked me. Given the costs previously seen, I decided to value more the need for my students that the rights of intellectual property of the manufacturers. But, above all, there is a very important reason so I did that: was unaware of the existence of alternatives. Let us remember the informal survey I did my last course students: a total of 16 students, only 1 had legally acquired your Microsoft Office license. The percentage of illegal copying, in the field of Office Automation students seems quite superior to 47 per cent charged to Spain for the 2003 Global Software Piracy Study 5 published by the BSA (Business Software Association) 6. Continue with current parameters of Office Automation Office Automation training = Microsoft Office is perpetuating the illegal copying of software applications and, worse, buried disseminate benevolence and legitimation from this activity. A look at the alternatives to) in Software owner. Microsoft Office 2003 Std (PVP: PVP 609,99 update: 347,99) Corel WordPerfect Office 7 (PVP: 346,00 PVP) (update: 172,00) Lotus SmartSuite 8 (PVP: PVP 226,10 Update: 170,05) Sun StarOffice 9 (PVP: 75,95) noting prices, it seems lie that is almost exclusively used MS Office for Office Automation training, trying to be perfectly competitive products and proven quality. b) in Software free KOffice 10 Gnome Office 11 12 Koffice and Gnome Office, are very good options, but have the disadvantage of not being exceptions, fully executable under Windows, contrary to that it is. What is Is a free Office that suite comprising: Writer (word processor) Calc (calculation sheet) Impress (presentation program) Draw (vector drawing program) Math (scientific formulae Editor) OpenOffice.