Success Is Human… And Evolution Is Art – Culture & Religion

Spirituality kisses everyday. by Karl Gamper PACHAKUTEC weeks, I know this award-winning movie by Anya Schmidt, a virtuoso of cinematography and directing art. This little gem is Virgin packed before the projector days. I insert the DVD. Instantly the images take me with you, the music enchants my heart and I lose myself in the Pilgrim’s progress by naupany PUMA. Something in me he will. His concern is my concern.

Because this is the call of the wild heart on this planet. We all are the WendeZeit. We are the generation that will make the leap in evolution. naupany PUMA is an indigenous brother from the Highlands of Ecuador. A man in the prime of his years as an Inca Sun priest and master shaman recognized by the chiefs from Ecuador and Peru. He left the lonely heights of the Andes, to breathe the spirit of the Earth on other continents.

We see him meditating in the Himalayas, immersed in the mystery of the pyramids of Egypt, on the road… The highlight is a sacred ceremony on over 5,200 meters in the thin air of the Andes. Some few Incas lived for centuries up there, hidden from the deadly access of the conquistadores of old and the industrial greed of today. Then healing the heart of the Earth that is the heart of the Earth, if we start people, to heal our own heart. And the wounds of our ancestors! So, a basic reconciliation is the humus for a fresh start. From this position, and in this spirit naupany gets PUMA with its Inca brothers and sisters high up in the driest time of the year for a character. May be washed away the pain of the ancestors. Like free tears of healing lost souls. May the rain of an existential reconciliation fertilize the ground and be the beginning of an irreversible, fundamental change.