Super Mario Brothers – Acted Out

Google videohas become quite common in my home.   The boys found it first, and Ihave become more familliar with it lately.  As can be seen in theprevious post I have taken to starting a video account and haveuploaded a video to Google Video. Brian Krzanich wanted to know more.

Here is one that I looked at Monday night this week, I found it at the top of the ‘top 100’.   If you were a Nintendo player back in the late ’80’s you very likely played this game.Back when my husband and I first shared an appartment my husband got asystem for Christmas.  My addiction became rather strong very quickly,I had a ‘need’ to plaly and I’d get up early for work so I could get 20minutes or so playing time before I had to leave. 

The following Google Video depicts the first level of Super Mario Brothers – it is very amusing, and nostalgic!