Sustainable Building Construction

All sectors of our society are engaging increasingly in the fight against climate change. One of the sectors in which we can most observe this change is in the sustainable building or construction eco-efficient. Companies that dedicated research and innovation departments focused to the optimization of resources and achieve a reduction to zero CO2 emissions. New materials, ecodesigns, use of resources, Management integrates the waste are some of the actions, measures or research fields where there is more emphasis. Construction eco-efficient is an attempt to make a leap from the traditional construction that involves an intense energy expenditure and resources, generation of waste, transport of products and finally execution of the use of materials and polluting processes, towards a model of eco-efficient architecture, a proposal capable of obtaining a product equivalent to the conventional construction modelconsuming fewer resources, reducing the pollution and using non-hazardous products which will help maintain and improve the environment. We can guess analyzing expenses that a home is as different from the traditional approach is necessary because it is estimated that about half of the energy consumption of our country is because of the energy consumed over the life of the buildings. Therefore the sustainable buildings are needed, energy and water use are fundamental.

The waste management becomes increasingly imperative. Actions that once the construction process has taken place, we as inhabitants of those homes must take. Our homes can curb climate change, learn and develop this field, promote it and take action is one of the best decisions we can make.