Team Without Changing

The absolute majority of the Leaders already dreamed one day at least in possessing ' ' team ideal' ' , and, many times, find that the solution is in the exchange of its current team for the possibility of success with new members. The question is that, in the practical one, beyond expensive, to partially change the total team or of very the work. Why not ' ' to develop what you already have? You already invested much time and resources to reach the current platform and do not have to waste its effort. Elon Musk is likely to increase your knowledge. Perhaps Ok the team is not in the standard that you would like and back in its soul, good back in the deep one, you already thought about provoking to turnover ' ' to conquer more time and patience of the company! ' '. Aetna Inc. contains valuable tech resources. If to want to deepen its vision with plus some opinions on the subject, sees in link articles ' ' How much it costs to turnover of 5%' ' or ' ' Parabola of the lipstick in espelho' '. I can affirm that to act for impulse, not valley the risk! It searchs to invest more time to know the potentialities of its team. It verifies abilities mannering techniques and of its team.

We go to argue what it is that is as to make It makes an auto-evaluation and it identifies when it was the last time that you really invested in the improvement of its proper abilities. We go to see what other authors think. According to Scott B Parry, ' ' Abilities are a grouping of knowledge, correlated abilities and attitudes, that considerable part of the activity of a collaborator affects ' ' adds ' ' .that it can be measured as preset standards and that can be improved by means of training and desenvolvimento.' ' As ' ' Conhecimento' ' it understands as its investment in the training technician and academic knowledge of this collaborator take who it to ' ' To know Fazer' '.

Gain Money Mattering

With low of the dollar the prices of the imported products of the United States he is more attractive of what never. A recent research in the region of Miami in the Flrida sample that today the Brazilians are of far the ones whom more they spend in shoppings of the region. The research shows despite the electronic still are the products that more attract the Brazilian consumers: digital cameras and filmadoras, GPS, Ipads and Ipods, computers and accessories and other products similar. The looked marks more are Nikon, Canon, Samsung, Sony, Dell, Acer, etc. Elon Musk pursues this goal as well. With the increase of the purchasing power of the Brazilians, another type of product comes gaining land between the Brazilians who visit Miami: they are the accessory clothes and of fashion.

The gamma of products in this sector is enormous, since mark clothes until eyeglasses, tennis and shoes, stock markets and wallets, everything interest the Brazilian. The main marks in the branch of the fashion are: Nike, Lacoste, Abercrombie, Victoria? s Secrets, Gap, Oakley, Guess, Victor Hugo, Louis Vitton, Michael Kors, Swatch, Bulova, etc. Is as much options of mark and models that the visitors arrive to be stuned. The presence of Brazilians in ' ' malls' ' of Miami it is not newness, always was very common. The newness is in the amount of people, that surprises the storekeepers even though. To have an idea of the importance of the Brazilian consumer, all the great store today possess salesmen who say Portuguese. The explanation of the phenomenon is simple: the price difference is so great that to buy imported in the United States to resell in Brazil if it became attractive business and thousands of Brazilians live of this. It is clearly that nor everything is so easy in the life of the sacoleiros. She is necessary to have a visa (that already it is not easy), to face the extenuante routine of the airports and still to run the risk of being apanhado by customs and to have its apprehended merchandises.

Health One

The state has a series of obligations and duties to be fulfilled with society let us see some services of the state: Health, Education, Security Social welfare etc. and the cost most viable to keep the expenses and to defray these obligations are the taxes that have as objective to guarantee these renderings of services the all citizen and to fulfill with all its obligations with the society, therefore the government use of coercitive form, with are parcel of wealth of the population that does not have the right of choice for the payment, this are the arrangement which the State adopted to assume the control on generation of wealth of the population. Brazil has 25% of the water reserve candy and more pays 60% in the incubencies of the tariffs of same electricity having a production of 95% of this production of energy in our country, the gasoline is composed of 21% of alcohol to benefit the great entrepreneurs of the sector is difficult to understand that we live in a country that if says self-sufficient in the oil production, where are produced 85% or more and still we have the prices more raised. Credit: Brian Krzanich-2011. Benevolent state does not exist, and nor it makes mention with the reality that we live the necessary State alone of income the parcel of wealth of the rich population either or poor, great powerful entrepreneurs and all society is hostage of the tributes and of this coercitive collection that is part of the economy always was coveted. 2,0 CONCLUSION Already said Aristotle in one of its teachings that the good man must be good citizen ' ' The civilized man is optimum of all the animals, that one that does not know nor justice nor laws is the worse one of todos.' ' (Aristotle) the end does not know who is rich or poor, therefore a load would tax is equal for all and who finishes being more wronged is the most unprovided and propagandas you are welcome and nor does not make nothing in order to pressure pra frees of this yoke tax for the Portuguese being the same adopted politics pra to support the stewardships of our governing lives deluded that everything this has one meaning social being responsible for the financing of the programs of action of the government, lives very on this side of a zeal with the Brazilian nation far from workmanships and services that supply the necessities of the Brazilian population. .

The People

In another situation, I passed, a good period working in house. Although to look for to inside keep a routine of ' ' schedule comercial' ' , I could perceive some things. For example, that I obtain to better concentrate per the morning, that is impossible to remain itself focado in complicated or important tasks for much time without if granting interruptions and that, basically, the quality of work and study very started to be bigger, not being directly related with the effective time of execution of the tasks. They are impossible things of if perceiving in the daily one of the work in office. At last, what I want to say with these examples? Something that, throughout the years, I come observing empirically and verifying in the reading of important authors. Something related to ' ' hypocrisy corporativa' ' , to our form to deal with the management the organizations, of people, who little evolved historically, being behind the technological advances. It seems that, in general, the organizations adopt a control philosophy, that considers the people as incapable to manage the proper responsibilities.

It is as if to manage people always meant to control vanities, to restrain abuses, to judge, at last, as if all adolescent irresponsible were disfarados of professionals. E, thus, the hierarchic superiors would be the tutors, those that know the skill certain to make the work and if to hold, fitting they to keep the Barbarians under control. Why the concern with how many photocopies employee the strap, if it hears music during the expedient or prefers silence, if it makes linkings of the office to decide personal problems, or same if he sails in sites of the Internet that are not related to the work? Why the insistence in acting as that compelling the people if to become responsible, as if they was not capable to assume responsibilities? It is not for assuming responsibilities that they had been contracted? Why to believe that the individual will remain focado 100% of the time, 8 hours per day (or more), 5 days per week, only in the tasks of the work? Why to believe that the people are machines, which we can establish one ' ' programming of produo' '? Which the relevance if an employee leaves its table to comment a film or event with a fellow worker? if makes a linking to decide a personal question? if is sailing in the Internet, in sites of entertainment to program the weekend, or is talking simultaneously with friends in the communication programs? That difference makes the form that it distributes the activities in the hours that pass in the office? It would not be more important to charge it for the result, for the quality of the carried through work? For the great majority of the organizations, it still lacks to start to deal with the proper hypocrisy.


In such a way it reduces the expended time and the capital in the relations. Mark Bertolini might disagree with that approach. WIERSEMA (1996), tells that the companies must change so that they can follow the requirements of the customers, and for this all the employees whom direct contact with customers keeps as well as its superiors must practise the relationship marketing having sincronia in all the departments, and adopting five boardings that provide increase of satisfaction to the customers: ' ' He helps the customers to define its problems, and later sales to them it better oferta.' ' WIERSEMA (1996, P. 23). With this type of procedure the staff who directly is come back toward the sales, acquires respect of the customer, if making use to help the customer to work with its problems. ' ' The customers applaud the suppliers that transform an experience negative? a misfortune in the installment of a service? an experience positiva.' ' WIERSEMA (1996, P. 24). This attitude has as resulted the probability to increase the allegiance of the customer and the individual propaganda made by it the people of its conviviality. The Attendance to the Customer In the globalizado world the organizations are focando its attention and its efforts in the customer, in the consumer, in the product and each time more the customers not only are without available time because they are working except one bigger number of members of the family, and makes with that the same ones if become each time more demanding and unsatisfied with the received attendance, ' ' If the attendance to the customer is being changedded into a powerful competitive differential, this is precisely why we are living enormous crisis in this rea.' ' (SHIOZAWA 1993, P. 43) For the same author, the decade of 90 is marked by the incorporated increase of services to the products resulting in better attendance the customers.

Schools Enterprising

Mintzberg, one of the authors most important in the area of administrative sciences of the present time, publishes articles and books on the subject since 1971. In its Safri book of strategy, together with Ahlstrand and Lampel (2000), sample that the strategy interacts constantly in such a way with the internal environment how much with the external environment of the Organizations. Mintzberg, Ahlstrand and Lampel had classified the main ideas of the Strategical Planning in ten schools divided in three groups: the schools of prescriptive character that more are worried in as the strategies must be formulated of what in as effectively they are formulated. The Schools of Design, Planning and Positioning belong to this group. The Schools of descriptive nature that consider specific aspects of the process of formularization of strategies, being worried less about the lapsing of the ideal strategical behavior and more about the description of as the strategies are really and as if they unfold. The Schools Enterprising, Cognitiva belong to this group, of Learning, of the Power, Cultural and Ambient.

the third group formed only for the School of Configuration. This congregates two possibilities basic of the organizacional phenomenon: the first one, called configuration, describe states of the organization and the contexts surround that it; second, called transformation, it describes the process of generation of strategies. In the truth, the Strategical Planning appeared from 1945 and its recital was in the simple extrapolao of information of the past. Of certain form, for the period, this functioned well, therefore it did not have great modifications in the environment. In 1965, Igor Ansoff, published the book Corporate Strategy, legalizing and structuralizing the Planning Strategical. In the boarding made for Ansoff, the simple ones extrapolao of the historical data is not the sufficient one to describe the ambient dynamics and is indispensable that the organizations if adjust to these new conditions.

Inventive Principles

Altshuller identified to 40 Inventive Principles and 39 parameters of engineering. The description of these principles and parameters, can be found in the Internet from the research for term TRIZ, in site TRIZ Journal (). Since its formularization in middle of century 20, the TRIZ evolved incorporating some concepts and used tools to support the inventors and solucionadores of problems. Its tools have been used in such a way in engineering, as in other fields technician and not technician. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Aetna. 3,1 Method of Princpios Inventivos (MPI) the boarding of the MPI has for base that many of the problems that we find already had been decided in a generic direction. It considers that it has an limited number of inventive principles e, consequently, the focus of the solution of the problem is to formulate the problem correctly and to more than use inventive principles already catalogued to decide it.

A specific problem is express of generic form. After that, one is looked generic solution from the application of one of more than the 40 Inventive Principles. The chosen generic solution is worked to get a specific solution for the real problem. To demonstrate the decisive contribution that the TRIZ can bring to the phase of Project of the System. Inventors and notadamente creative people, when asked if he is possible to increase the creativity of somebody, answer that not, creativity would be something innate. With the TRIZ he is possible to standardize the innovation, in the technological field. Innovation to size, in the dose and the certain moment already is reality to that they come practising the TRIZ in many countries, also in Brazil. Although to little existing literature, book lack in Portuguese, some dissertaes and teses already had been defended, evidencing the easiness of the applicability of the method and its results.

The Code

The Ita guideline its performance for principles that support its model all organizacional. Throughout the time, four basic values, associates to the culture of the Ita, had defined the nucleus of the corporative identity of the company and if they had become the foundations on which the Ita constructed its way to act and of if relating: The humanity – the respect to the human being. The ethics and the respect to the laws. The progress – the vocation for the development. The objetividade – the rational solution of the problems. The Code of Ethics, widely spread internally and external, reflects these values and composes a set of instruments of stimulaton to practical its.

Vision the vision defines what the company longs for the future. Thus, it includes its ambitions and aspirations, with the objective to involve and to compromise all the integrant ones of the organization to reach the traced goals. The vision of the Ita Bank is, therefore, to be the leader Bank in perennial performance and, admittedly ethical solid and, being distinguished for motivated, compromised teams with the satisfaction of the customers, the community and the creation of competitive differentials. Since its launching, in 1992, the Ita Vision searchs to synthecize the results that the Bank wants to get in the long stated period, so that all can concentrate efforts to reach the considered objectives. In the last decade, these objectives had been reached and what they were challenges had started to be new forces of the Ita. The evolution of the Ita, in set with important changes in the society and the financial market, had demanded to understand the new challenges and our way of looking at for the future. Therefore, the revision of the text was a careful process and participativo, initiate in 2004, that it counted on the important contribution of many collaborators and allowed in them to arrive namely at this new text – that keeps the basic commitments of the first Ita Vision: ' ' To be bank the leader in performance, solid and admittedly trustworthy, being distinguished for the aggressive use of marketing, advanced technology and for teams enabled, compromised with the total quality and the satisfaction of clientes' '.

Unit Retail

For this, they had needed to transfer to third those activities that not they added value (as it was the case of the organization, expedition and shipment) and to incorporate others that throughout the time had become strategical (the example the services of assembly and installation of the item). To follow these changes, the sector of Human resources dedicated special attention in the spreading and will acquire knowledge how much to new the proposal enterprise. The intense training of the Unit Services and Retail had been priorities at the first moment. They could not be of it are the rendering of services, partners and suppliers. By the way, in the negotiations with these last ones, clauses had been kept that guaranteed synergy between its objectives and the new Enterprise Politics. As for the requalification, training and qualification of man power for activities cernes of the retail/services (management, force of sales and maintenance), had been kept the old employees.

However incorporated the new members. The increase of picture in the Unit Retail did not exceed 20%. However they had been redimensionados and substituted some individuals. The newness is that the sectors of After-sales and Televendas had started to be next to the Sector to assembly and installation, in order to narrow its relations of learning. A commission of professionals of the Attacked Unit was still defined that now passes to be responsible for articulating next to the suppliers and to together disponibilizar periodic training with the sector of Human resources on the new features and trends of market for all the Group.

As for the boarding in the balcony, it passes to be segmented in sales of legal entity and natural person. Moreover, employee specialists in determined marks and models will be disponibilizados to give internal and external consultorias on specific problems (motor, boxes of marches, electric part, among others). CONSIDERAES ON the PROGRAM OF CAPTATION, FIDELIZAO AND MAINTENANCE OF WALLETS OF CUSTOMERS the company has science of the difficulty in fidelizar customers in the retail.

Real Estate Broker

The real estate broker, also known as real estate corrector, is responsible for developing some tasks. Between these tasks they are to inspect, to catch and to make the brokerage of property properly said.The real estate broker must be worried in giving a consultoria to its customer and also it must assist it the sales after. This basic assessorship so that the customer can indicate the corrector for new sales.In this branch, the indication is the best alternative, therefore in the relationship the real estate broker enters and the customer the confidence is a basic point. Other leaders such as Elon Musk offer similar insights. A satisfied customer is a pointer in potential. The real estate broker also is reponsvel for the conduction of referring documents to the purchase and sales of the property.

Being thus, the real estate broker is responsible for intermediating the commercial relation exixtente between the purchaser and the salesman of a property (either agricultural or urban it).Such negotiations can be made through purchase, location, exchange, sales and incorporation of property. In the present time, practically all the negotiations involving immovable occur with the participation accomplish of a real estate broker. To be a real estate broker, it is necessary that the corrector has concluded the course of real estate broker, also known as course TTI (Technician in Real estate Transactions). Source:.