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we are also speaking of what he is pointed as being one of the effect funestos of the actions human beings on the Nature. But, in the reality, we are speaking of two distinct things. Two on, but indissoluvelmente absolutely distinct things. If to attempt against for the past, we will evidence that situations as…

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ONGs Management

The good image of the organization in reference the increasing globalization of the markets started to be strategical factor of competitiveness, becoming basic them companies to add to the management system the management of the environment. For the displayed one, it is observed that in the globalizado world, the ability in taking care of to…

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All this paterimnio, comes being threatened for enterprises that do not obey the effective ambient legislation, as the construction of a habitacional set that is situated in the part east of the lagoon. The west meets emprendimentos in its majority of great average transport commercial and educational, with its structures in masonry. Valley to stand…

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