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Rio Branco

Trajane, installed, has very, in cunani and considered as representative officer of the Frana' '. When having notice of this attempted against, the governor of the Guyana gave order to the commander of the Bengali (French warship), to go the Cunani to evidence the conditions of the abduction and to go after that Amap to…

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The Available

However, we hear commentaries of others, that the water and the energy were not paid for them and nor for the school, therefore, could occur wastefulness. For they made sensible to waste, therefore in the base of its beliefs, the resources as the water and the electric energy they could be used indefinitely without no…

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Process Water

One of the main elements of the hidrolgico cycle is the process of precipitation, mainly the pluvial one, that is, the precipitations and the dynamics of distribution of the same ones is essential for the natural formation of habitats, in the construction of hidrolgico profile of the rivers and of its net of draining, also…

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