Federico Another

I don’t feel guilty. If Begona I had waited at the door of the cinema, none of this would have happened. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mark Bertolini. So I was late, as always. It is there I told the usher, the spotted family nape of Begona and a seat free on your right. The cinema was packed. On the screen, the action wore at night. Hello, love said to my girl.

And I kissed her on the cheek while, as usual, it introduced my hand on his crotch. Aaaahhhhhh! It screamed another, like a factory siren. The type of the side startled. Asun, what happens? The such Asun had given him an attack of nerves. Brent Nicklas often says this. And to me, the more suffocated in my life.

I had the wrong girl. Until the other let me a slap of ordago, I was draining from my seat. The slap came, like a howitzer, a type of the row in front, which had turned to know what was happening. I, in my haste to flee, savagely stepped a fat gentleman and I realized of face to face with a child that he ate peanuts. The assaulted wife cried, not knowing who: wild! The wound child moaned: MOM! MOM! An individual from the back row was outraged: to see if they are silent! Two rows beyond it was heard: that let us see the movie! A friend from whom you received the slap is rebullo and struck blind. It was also wrong recipient. Su puta madre! It outraged the newcomer to the trifulca. My child! the mother of the boy of the peanuts desesperaba. What happens there? He asked another, screaming. An usher ran down the hallway, with a zigzagging beam of flashlight in front of him. He stumbled with a spectator who had risen to snoop. He also said: Aaaahhhhhh! while skiing without skis down the central aisle. At the end was heard: Craaaac! And another female voice: Federico, a Lord is above me! My child! still the mother before.

The Population

Measure the level of satisfaction, ask if they find what they are looking for and because not, ask for their observations and recommendations. Let us not forget that ultimately the results of sales will come from the same customers and that a dissatisfied customer can be multiplied by the number of related possessing. Changes and evolution in customers and their purchasing habits and consumption another reason to modify the internal structure of our premises will be changes in the buying habits of customers. We have for example the fact that today more and more people are looking for healthy meals with low amount of calories. It is a strong reason to create a special for this type of products. Another example that responds to trends and evolution of consumers is the idea of selecting an exclusive space for microwave-ready products.

Changes in the physical environment of the Area in which a commercial establishment initially located in a rural area are located may end with the passage of time in the middle of an urban area given the population and urban growth. Many times these premises are sold to build office buildings or apartments but at other times it is possible to evolve along with the zone to continue to do business and meet a growing need for food, articles ferreteros or others. These changes definitely must also be reflected inside the store. This type of change relates to the previous one, the evolution of customers. Changes to the products that offer us our suppliers a few years ago we had products with few varieties, these same products have evolved to satisfy different segments and niches of the market. This happens not in one or two, but in many families and categories of products simultaneously which leads to the modification constantly of our planograms. Advances in commercial distribution and commercial treaties between countries, puts within reach of our buyers and consumers a greater number and variety of products makes us change our implantation in order to satisfy demands by managing to satisfy our customers.


The most powerful advantage you have to buy a second hand car is really the economic thing are their prices in relation to one obtained from a dealer. Then for those who wish to have a car and do not have the money to do so, because remove boasts savings of which has and invest them in a cheap car and second hand that after making him a proper review and test before paying for it, also like new cars also have your warranty although by less time, finally the possibilities that today in day are offered thereon no why they missed them. References can be obtained from living sources, i.e. of those who have already tried to have one and so far the car has left them in perfect condition, can take advice from one or another person, of magazines for this purpose. There are many serious virtual guides that can guess as to the whereabouts of this vehicle that both want to buy. As said it the acquisition of one of these means of transport is due mainly economic in which are presented in the Spanish market, following the use which had by its previous owners, damaged and even you can run with the fate dealt a virtually new vehicle than its owner simply he put in for sale because he found the way to acquire another more preferential.

And do not put into question, the conditions by which many second-hand cars are for sale is not due to failures as such, in many cases they are related to how obtained it previously, vehicles that owners put in for sale to collect more money and complete to purchase another. And this is the opportunity that you should not miss in your life. Taking into account a number of recommendations for a business of this magnitude such as a prior revision of automotive machinery, details upholstery that you are aware of fix in the future, considering that such investment will not nor exceed the cost of a new car, elements and accessories original or properly installed, ignition of the car, Windows in perfect condition, if you have or no air conditioning or heating and any other details you must know perfectly. Another advantage is that relating to the use you intend giving that vehicle, as if we would be talking about a truck second hand it is because this is needed for any type of load or work according to its functions, however, should consider that it may not bring it to perform the functions 100% than one new agencyi.e. you can use it as an auxiliary truck that helps you somehow raise their income following the inclusion of this. Now if we talk about an auto occasion, is because its purpose is precisely to do so, to spend on those occasional situations in which you want to offer a presentation of luxury without having others in knowledge value paid for it. Because its physical characteristics will say the opposite to the mileage that it has on your marker. These vehicles you will find them at prices really economic in both dealerships intended for such purposes as you can also buy a second hand car particularly in that from one moment to another its owner decided to REList it. You should take the characteristics you mentioned into account when making their purchase in either of these two ways.

Banco Santander

Although the Brazilian economy is facing problems, they have affected performance economic country in the short term even if they have not done with economic prospects of medium and long term. It is that the Brazilian Government has been pursuing an orderly economic policy that preserves the strength of macroeconomic fundamentals. And a sign of confidence about the strength of medium and long term of the Brazilian economy represents what the recent approval by the Senate of Brazil for the creation of the Fund for sovereign wealth (FRS), which will be approximately US $14 billion and which will allow the country to acquire foreign assets and foreign companies. Undoubtedly, the creation of this sovereign fund will have geopolitical implications not minor to Brazil and shows where the vision of the Government is directed from Lula da Silva. The strength of macroeconomic fundamentals in the medium and long term of the Brazilian economy as well as the potential for development of their domestic markets is not unnoticed by companies that have such internal market as an area for action. It is that businesses are aware of the potential of development that owns the Brazilian economy surpassed once the crisis which leads them to make strategic decisions to reset and be prepared to gain volume and participation in the market.

Indeed, before the same affect in this way so deep to the Latin American country, it emerged as one of the future world powers, with a President who exhibited the ambitions of the country’s development (and has not in fact, resigned to this). One of the entities is betting strong to the Brazilian economy despite its slowdown in growth is Banco Santander (BVSP:SANB3; NYSE:SAN). Banco Santander appears convinced of the growth potential that can be achieved once in Brazil exceeded the turbulence of the crisis. That is why the President of the entity at the global level, the Spanish Emilio Botin, confirmed the plans of the Bank invest 2.558 million reals (about US $1.1 billion) until 2010 in Brazil, despite the international financial crisis. In declarations of loot in this regard: Brazil is a great country that unites a fantastic market to a potential agricultural, mineral, technological, industrial and services that make it, without a doubt, one of the most promising powers around the world. During that period, Santander will seek to achieve the opening of 400 new agencies as well as expand and improve the range of services it offers. Banco Santander is key to take advantage of this period of uncertainty to grow and repositioned in a market with great potential for development. The bet continues to be interesting and can generate large benefits to the subsidiary of the Spanish financial entity. Original author and source of the article.


Many years ago, a small fishing boat, was shipwrecked on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea. The sea, which captivates us with his sweet face, we also punishes with all its fury when he is angry. One of the fishermen who disappeared in the depth and ferocity of the waters, left on Earth to a beautiful young woman, waiting to share the rest of their lives together. When it abated the storm, other boats went out to look for the missing, but the ocean doesn’t return to their prey. Days passed and the search ended. The weeks fell in the calendar and hopes to see them again vanished from the hearts of everyone on Earth, were condemned to wait for them forever.

However, the young woman not resignaba to their loss, and spent hours, sitting in the port, overlooking the sea, waiting for the return of her beloved. The legend, one day of storm, a wave pitied his sadness and his solitude and dragged it down so I could meet him. Provided that some way to the Bay of the Shell, by that magical and spectacular ride, I approach the comb of the wind and think maybe they live happy in those waters, enjoying their eternal happiness. I guess the girl sitting in the sculpture of twisted steel, which with surprising delicacy, combed their hair rowdy by the wind. I can imagine how much there is to love, to die for love. Our photo of the day today, has been possible thanks to one of the three sculptures of Eduardo Chillida, which form the comb of the wind. Work which the author ended in 1976.

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