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Managing Director

High returns through investments in as already the FIDURA return plus ethics Fund contributes also to the newly created FIDURA yield security plus ethics 3 funds directly to high-growth, innovative companies that are exceptionally attractive due to their management, their products and their business concept and have a high income and appreciation potential. In addition…

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Bearer Bonds

The investment in shares and savings opportunities and risks of the bearer bonds in the financial market is known but what is a bearer bonds? The possession of the bearer, not the mention in the exhibition document is crucial. The investor owns the paper, he is entitled to the covered circumstances capital gains. This can…

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Residential Lending Construction Money Compared Riester Loans And Riester

Construction financing with Riester loan from 2010 particularly lucrative for builders of residential Riester loans and Riester loans for construction financing bring big savings for builders and home buyers from 2010 can so far saved Riester capital 100% be removed and used for the financing of used residential property but who offers the best Riester…

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