European Banking Authority

Five Spanish organizations, between the 8 European that suspend the tests. The suspensions are for Bank Shepherd, CatalunyCaixa, Caja3, Unnim and CAM. The Bank of Spain thinks that the results ” they are esperados” . The BCE asks to countries with suspended organizations in solution that take measures. Spain has put on approval to 93% of its organizations, countries as Germany has only examined to 60%; in addition, the tests to Spain have been more ” estrictas”. The economic vice-president of the Government, Elena Salgado, has assured east Friday that the result of the stress test is ” excelente” , since none of the five Spanish financial organizations that have not reached ‘ Core Tier 1′ of demanded 5% – Unimm, Caja3, CAM, Bank Pastor and CatalunyCaixa- will need additional capital, to which there is addition that in these circumstances ” no organization is suspendido” . ” The excellent question and the excellent answer are they need these organizations more capital? and if the answer is no we call, it we call as it, are no suspendido” , it sentenced in wheel of press flanked by the Secretary of State of Economy, Jose Manuel Stands out, and the Secretary of State of Property, Juan Manuel Lopez Carbajo, to value the test results of solution.

Therefore, Salgado disfigured to the European Banking Authority (EBA, by its abbreviations in English) by to have taken into account the generic provisions and has not said that all the organizations would have passed the cut thus had been, although it trusted that a posteriori this circumstance is considered by the investors. In addition, Salgado emphasized ” exercise of maximum transparency ” carried out by Spain when presenting/displaying to the test to 93% of the sector, against 50% demanded minimum, in scenes ” extremos” of stress. In its opinion, the decision of ‘ to go ‘ yet; of Spain ” him beneficia”.

Used Clonadas Cards

The band bought luxury products and contracted telephone lines of moving body with false documents. A total of 19 addresses in Madrid, Bilbao and Murcia has been registered, in which 11,770 Euros in ctivo have been found. Other nine members of the group were stopped in May. The National Body of Police, with the help of the Ertzaintza, has stopped to 31 people in Madrid, Bilbao, Basque Country, Tarragona and Murcia who used false identities and cards " clonadas" in order to commit different frauds and to acquire articles of high range. According to the Department of the Interior has informed in an official notice, the band bought luxury products, it contracted lines of movable telephony and it abra accounts in financial organizations with falsified documents which checks false and removed entered to extract ctivo later. In addition, a total of 19 addresses in Madrid, Bilbao and Murcia has been registered, in which 11,770 Euros in ctivo have been found, instruments to realise falsifications, computer science material, documentation on postal shipments and of money, you photocopy of passports and permissions of residence of sub-Sahara citizens and movable telephones. In addition, 60 fraudulent cards of identification of foreigners have recovered.

Eight months of investigation the investigation began eight months ago after detecting in Bilbao diverse swindles realised by citizens of Congolese origin to companies of movable telephony, banking organizations and department store, in which they used all type of false documents. Sometimes, the members of the network used cards of foreigners, previously falsified by other components of the group. Continue to learn more with: Vikas Kapoor. In addition, also they committed the frauds with falsified banking cards to which they had altered the data of the holder to make them agree with the identity cards which they carried when to realise the fraudulent purchases. Later, it was found out that the clonadas cards had been falsified in the Madrilenian locality of Fuenlabrada and capital Madrid, and later sent by means of postal shipments to Bilbao, Catalonia, Murcia and also to France. Another modality of fraud executed by the members of this group consisted of the hiring of lines of movable telephony by means of use of a great variety of false documents like passports, permissions of residence, receipts and banking notebooks. In addition, the police detected the opening of banking accounts in different financial organizations, realised with false identity cards. Them, the prisoners entered false checks or removed and later they retired ctivo.

Finally, once the agents of the National Police and the Ertzaintza counted on all the operative data settled down a joint device that allowed the arrest of eight people in Madrid (three), and in the Madrilenian localities of Fuenlabrada (four) and Mstoles (one). In the case, agents of the Central Brigade of Networks of Immigration of the General Police station of Extranjera and Fronteras have participated, of the UCRIF of the Provincial Police station of Bilbao and the Headquarters Superior of Police of Madrid, and of the Group of swindles of Police station of Bilbao of the Ertzaintza. Stopped in May These arrests they are added to other nine members of the group, that already had been stopped in Bilbao during the past month of May. Within the framework of this investigation already other fourteen people distributed between Basque Country had been arrested, Tarragona, Murcia and Madrid. Source of the news: Stopped 31 people who used clonadas cards and false identities

Penal Code

Vague standardisation According to indicates the legislative magistrate, changes and their application " they have not helped to obtain a standardisation very precisa" nor it makes specific, " at least in some of the conducts incorporated to the crime of bribe, in particular to the one of the active bribe impropio" , while it remembers that the Supreme one comes praising/pouring off by the nonstandardisation from this last crime. Also, Montero talks about the possibility that this cause was accumulated with the other related to the Grtel case that affects to the possible illegal financing of the PPCV and a supposed crime of prevarication on the part of the Catalan Autonomous Government, and that " with that accumulation everything alterara". Against that possibility, the rapporteur observes that " the citizens have right to that its penal procedural situation before is possible legally and without being in the hope of futureible is clarified alguno". Crime of improper bribe In this sense, the car also remembers that the facts of this cause have been described, by the public prosecutor, as constituent of a crime of improper bribe and for this reason, it insists to solve it &quot first; without perjuicio" than later it is possible to be decided on is accumulation. In this sense, Flors he explained that the consideration isolated of " singular conducta" of Strap, Crespo and Perez, " with rrencia to the flattery of articles to dress solely in question in the present procedure, it would be from very difficult encaje" in the Penal Code previous to the last reform. Flors rejected so the action of those who would direct to the corrupt plot " it could constitute a crime of active bribe that outside reverse necessary of the possible crime of passive bribe impropio" , whose commission has been attributed to Camps, Coast, Fields and Betoret. Source of the news: The TSJCV confirms that it will not judge to the ringleaders of the Grtel plot next to Camps

Antonio Martinez Director

The past 18 of May, the Conference took place IV the International of Continuity of Business on the norm VERSUS 25999, organized by BSI in the Ritz Hotel of Madrid. udea Security of the Information was between the invited participants of the round table, represented by Antonio Martinez Director of Security and Continuity. Between the companies that have had representation by means of their rapporteurs, through their directors, partners and main positions, we found Repsol, the Caixa, Ferrovial, The institute Continuity Management The subjects mainly boarded have been the necessity to prove the effectiveness of a plan of business continuity as well as the management and the paper of certain departments before incidents. Also new cases practical were set out in order to answer certain looked at questions more the company. Example of these questions is, how to make arrive at all the members of their company the necessity from this new system, how to bring back to consciousness them, how to measure the effectiveness of their plans Like conclusion we could say that a good plan of business is vital in the present enterprise surroundings, since it allows to tell us on a set of procedures stops to respond of totally automatic form in front of an interruption in its activity. udea Security of the Information, Department of Marketing and Communication .