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Coal (agnis-fire) is used in the Schedule. (Some of them replace the pencil) is a material for drawing. looks like a simple sticks, which are made from branches of willows, birches and other trees their purified from the bark, and burned special way. Another method of producing coals for drawing-out of coal powder molded sticks,…

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Constructive Drawing

Constructive drawing a picture of outer contours of objects, both visible and invisible, made using construction lines. You create a "skeleton" of the object that you want to draw. And in order to create such a framework, you need to analyze the depicted subject. Constructive design begins with analysis. Look closely, think of what constitutes…

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Personal Utopia

This utopia, Well, let utopia, but art can not live without ideals expressed in the form of a utopian, it's important, what is a utopia, what it is and what is directed, though it may be, and it does not matter, would be dream. For example, a social utopia gives social order and orientation. Personal…

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