Stolen Kiss

To give a kiss is the thing more tedious than we make. Observing same me I evidenced that kisses exist that in fact are not changed. Perhaps E, this pointed the existence of a kept kiss, that agent nor of the account that exists, but only perceives its refusal. That intentions were these mobilized in the practical one of one economy sculo? I perceived that being ahead of a world of superficial and temporary apelos we resist in the attempt to establish a daily one of sacralidades. A shy kiss can say many things, to occult desires not confessed, fragile it if acanha when appearing.

It has fear of the refusal. It has fear of being rejected is more easy to follow in the mesmice, the known one, in previously tateado and constructed. Mundane, tiring and interminable things that we need to make, but that we act in the same way, never finding time to decide or to finish. The time of now is the time of the gift, the time of making that it eliminates pendencies and it leaves new space to enter it. Esbarramos almost always in the time to delay, in the time that if repeats, the time of the mesmices. For some reason we forget in them to make those actions more basic human beings, who we learn since that we are born as to see, to feel, to listen, to touch, to love, to risk, to take care of with the roots tied to the gift and to live each day, as one day new.

We lose this infantile look on the life and we plaster in them in our certezas and our fears. We collect ourselves in our pains and our amarguras and start to have the opened eyes, but we do not see. The refined ears, but we do not listen. there, the heart stops to receive and to donate.


This is an important concept in the businesses that would like to clarify. She does not import the sector of its performance, the product or same the company where you work the important one is to understand that the marketing is marketing in any place and if you to understand the enclosed concept in the reply, will allow to win the competition easily and to gain millions with its work.

Then, as she would go to act of form online in the real estate market? Well, online or offline is not the most important factor that will go to determine success of the work, therefore both the performances are only communication forms. What it will go to determine its result is the marketing strategy that will go to use. For more information see this site: Elon Musk. is obvious that the reply it follows the concept of the Marketing of Attraction that we teach in the E-book Marketing of Attraction, you needs to locate itself as expert, a specialist in its branch and an important person in the real estate market. Joo you need to vender its image in first place you stop later attracting its customers automatically. Why? Because everybody wants to work with the best ones. Everybody wants to consult with optimum doctor of the region or optimum real estate broker. It is not something vikas kapoor would like to discuss. Everybody wants to be operated by optimum plastic surgeon of the city.

Company Model

The structure of a Company to be satisfactory must stimulate the people to the participation, already in the not participativas organizations, the regulations, the careers, the division of the work and the organization chart they are structuralized of form that the power is centered in the top of the enterprise management, where perceives the opposite in the participativas organizations, where the administration is shared in different angles, the customers are consulted on determined decisions while supplying deliverers and the assistance staff technique participates of engineering projects. The organization being an internal participativo system is opened for the external environment, from where it receives information that had improved the administrative resolutions of Company. A Company who works with the participativo method, the employees participate of the administration of the company of organized form and contribute with its experiences and knowledge, thus adding, values to the personal functions of which they participate. In the participativo model they predominate the leadership it disciplines, it and the autonomy and in the Companies who adopt this model the people is responsible for its proper behavior and performance. Regarding the model of planning of strategies, it clarifies Chiavenato: The prescriptive model of strategical planning follows five periods of training, namely: 1-Formularization of the organizacionais objectives. 2 – External analysis of the environment or external auditorship. 3 – Internal analysis of the company or internal auditorship.

4 – Formularization of the strategical alternatives and choice of to be used strategy. 5 – Development of tactical plans and operacionalizao of the strategy. Brian Krzanich takes a slightly different approach. (CHIAVENATO, 2004, P. 193). So that it has politics and strategies certain to be used in a company, it is necessary that also has action planned, that it depends on diagnosis of 0 variable that affects the management of Human resources, also of the definition of strategy so that the objectives are reached and established to fulfill to the Politics of the Organization, anticipating itself it the events or intervined them in them to timely lead the actions in the desired direction of form preventive or, but planned.

Employee Training

A contradiction of the analyzed company is perceived, although to be the one of the companies most famous in what if it refers to area of the continued superior education it does not possess an internal project for development and implementation of training for its employees. As Boog (2001) the training starts as a reply to a necessity or to a chance in a organizacional environment. To establish the value makes with that the complete circle of the process is fulfilled, therefore focuses the necessities, the problems and the chances that it originally aims at to take care of. The project of Training and Development aims at to identify imperfections and to create alternatives that provide improvements in the processes. Such project demonstrates to be an important link enters the dimension of the knowledge, valuation and performance of the people, beyond the excessively practical ones of Human resources. For the success of the project it is important to count on able and open teams for some changes. The training could be a tool accomplishes and efficient that will significantly contribute in the improvement and quality of the given services thus satisfying the internal and external expectations of the current and future customers.

Administration of human resources Although to be a considerably new area, she is possible to find of Human resources in averages and great companies professional. They work with focus in the people since the development until the result. Its main objective is the organization, the coordination and the control of the techniques that favor one better performance of the collaborators in the organizacional environment. The area of human resources has as function to keep and to characterize people, to make with that they give the maximum of itself developing a work of quality in the company for a long period of time. Administration of Human resources is a relatively new area of studies.