The Word

The life is constant change, transformation, provisory configuration, therefore the intrinsic character to all manifestation of life is fight, the confrontation, shock produced for an expansion movement and resistance. ' ' All specific body inhales to become total gentleman of the space and to extend its force (power will), to repel everything that resists its expansion. But incessantly it is shocked with the similar aspirations of other bodies and finishes for arranging (' ' to combine-se' ') with that it they are enough homogeneous: then they conspire together to conquer the power and the process continues.' ' The change, you saw implies pain. Pain is a constituent one of the process of materialization of the forces. Click Brian Krzanich for additional related pages. All manifestation of the life implies a dose of pain, all Metaphysical attempt to establish a world without pain is a fight against the life. Signos=possibilidade to represent, to simplify the plurality that the man found its first shelter, its dwelling, ' ' its another one mundo' '. The conscience is formed by two facultieses: memory and esquecimento. Mark Bertolini understands that this is vital information. The gregrio sign must have inside the same meant for all of one collective, community.

Being that the language is the sign of communication of the flock. The esquecimento is composed in an activity as a mechanism placed in action for the necessity. Necessary for the survival of the man. The function of the word is to forget, to hide the plurality in contrast to saying, its function is to mask, to occult. This means the impossibility of setting and direction, being and truth. Plato said, in the Fdon workmanship, that the language, which was classified as one pharmacon, word Greek that means remedy, but that many times are a poison due to its power to persuade the people. The system of codes of the language is born with the necessity of communication imposed for the life in group, is bedding of all metaphysics.

The Laboring Pastoral

Solidary challenger and as the pioneering experience of Manchester, the EPS is the way for which diligent workers if are valid to construct a new society, in which the profit is not above of the dignity human being. In recent years, groups of EPS for Brazil had been multiplied all. The agglutinant element of these is the defense of the life, the exercise of cooperative and solidary social relations and the establishment of a economic net guided by the mutual aid. It is more than a historical experience. Thousands of people spread for all the Brazilian territory, placed to the edge of the Brazilian society for the modernization and capitalist exploration, live of worthy form with the income generated in groups of EPS.

The EPS is part of a project of economic and social development, which submits the capital to the maintenance of the necessities of the citizen. Said of another form: the social peace and the end of the urban violence pass for the priorizao of the dignity human being in detriment of the interests of the great capitalists. Something of new exists in the national scene. Much if has commented. The Solidary Popular Economy is a social experience of organization of the alternative work the capitalist logic and a real option the overcoming of the unemployment. The intention of the present work is to present the experience of the Laboring Pastoral of the Rio Grande Do Sul with the Solidary Popular Economy. The partner-transforming action of the pastoral perpassada for the mstica of evangelho liberating promotes groups of EPS for believing the social protagonism of the groups of income generation, which are the effective of the rescue of the citizenship of unemployeds and excluded laboratories of the economic system that is there. The Laboring Pastoral of the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul has carried through, in elapsing of the last decade, the gestation and accompaniment of diverse solidary enterprises.

Social Speech

A time that, it makes possible the permanence, the continuity, the displacement and the transformation of the man and its reality, since this mediation is necessary between the citizen and the natural and social reality for the functioning of the social structures. Orlandi (2005), affirms that the symbolic work of the speech is in the base of the production of the existence human being. Therefore, beyond making a reflexiva aluso on these aspects of the language in the speech, we will lean over in them by means of this thematic, in order to desvencilhar ' ' to make autnomo' ' of the man on its daily one before the social boardings. From this look, our general objective is to investigate until point the implicit ideologies in the language and the speech take the possible evidences that induce the apparent alterations of sensible of the speech in a context, when reflecting on the relevance of the listening and the minute comment of the facts and its analogies and what they have presented in the current context of emancipation of the ideas through the languages. Through the specific objectives we intend: to show to the power of persuasion of the speech and the language and its relation from local journalistic programs; to reflect as the society (reverse speed) constructs the symbols spread through the diverse medias and as this if it becomes instrument for the intensification of the stigmata and, also, to analyze through the communication medias (Rdio/TV) the relevance of the speeches and as each one is directed in one production of ideological direction. Being thus, ahead of the parameters that had been presented in the significant idealizao of this work we justify our conception of judgment in approaching the estigmatizao as product of consequence of the actions and manifestations human beings in the society and from it. We intend to evidence the possible causes and effect of mistakes and/or evidences in the interpretation of a speech, as well as notifying estimated that they lead to this divergence, when considering itself study of the space between lineses ' ' of what he is not clearly explicito' ' in the speech or the communication.

The Quandary

To die is one of these two things: or the deceased the nothing is equal, and it does not feel no sensation of thing none; or then if one may use the expression, one is about a change, an emigration of the soul, the place of this world for another place. If it does not have no sensation, if it is as a sleep where the asleep nothing it sees nor dreams, that wonderful advantage would be the death! I can well imagine that, if people had to identify a night where it had slept so deeply that not even it dreamed e, opposing to these the too much nights and days of its life, to think and to say how many days and nights of its existence it lived more good and more pleasantly of what in that night, good I can imagine who already I do not say in particular, but proper easy king Prsia to enumerate these nights between the other nights and days. Soon the death is this, says that it is an advantage, because thus being all the duration of the time if presents as nothing more than a night. If, of the other side, the death is as the change daqui for another place and is certain the tradition of that there the deceased are all, that bigger would have well that this gentlemen judges? ' ' The last alternative could be pleasant, because thus, it would escape of its judges who if present as being judges, and if he would go to have co true judges, such as, Minos, Radamanto, aco, and Triptoleno, that for being right deserve the heading of judges. With respect to first alternative of the quandary, Scrates believes that, through the death, to become in nothing is a wonderful profit. E, in what still tangea second alternative of the quandary, manifest Scrates the good quo would be, in the Hades 3, to go to dispute with those great men of the past, to interrogate them and to examine them.

Architect People

It imagines that I propagate when it the engine of irreversible form fundisse, we would cry of penalty, on of the hood of the car died without at least perceiving that the driver, that one of the Workmanship of God, is alive! Perhaps to the side of its car in looking at incredulous had our so great foolishness, or who knows, understanding our smallness, tries consoling in them. Certain! But and what it would happen with the drivers of these discarded cars rusting to the relento? For the existing theories: or they would be apodrecendo inside of its armors of iron, or would be doravante only pedestrians, or would be interned in new and different cars? soon, stranger of the old friends. They pardon me it spirit weakness, but it bothers me the first option, therefore I go to accept as the two last ones true. (Strange Skill of enxergar the people, because in this vision the cars are as our bodies, the workshops would be as the old hospitals and cemetaries as iron and the driver is the soul that includes the thoughts, virtues, vices, desires, beliefs, passions and illusions, at last the person in itself.) In certain way this fbula comes of meeting to our concepts and daily deficiencies in enxergar what he is true or illusion. We most of the time saw only vestments, the cars, the status and the presumption to be able of the people in detriment of what the souls of them really load inside of itself. Who of us never looked at so only ' ' latarias' ' of ' ' carros' ' of the others? Who of us really obtains to see and to leave outside to be seen of our masks? It will be that to be Free it is not necessary to leave of being enslaved of these material illusions, using of the power of the good customs, for example? Why not yet we obtain to interiorizar the fact of that for of behind these carcasses we are really equal before the Supreme Light? why we do not perceive that when we pray and we say ' ' Father Nosso' ' we are in compromising to God and all the men in a way to salutar? Yes, therefore saying ' ' Pai' ' we are exaltando and glorifying a supreme being, the Architect of the Universe; when we say ' ' Nosso' ' place we and all the other people (good or bad, powerful or humble, wanted or disgusting) as children d? It, therefore our brothers. Thus I could understand the quo heavy is our mission of living the words Freedom, Equality and Fraternity. In deep I would like that all had Aninha in its lives, made that them to think. I wait that when I and my son to grow, have a clearer and reconfortante vision of the sublime mysteries of the life, but for the time being we are only small apprenticees.

In Russian

An amazing coincidence – that the torch on the ground (24.4 – 13.5) fall basic biological and agricultural processes and work in the north of the planet: germination, flowering, seeding, tillage and soil etc. Follow-up lights – "Luben" and "Sveten" correspond to the names of regular planets – Venus (the goddess of love) and Mercury – the closest planet to the sun, buried in the glow of its light. Further, the torch of "Jarylo" – the Sun itself. Torch "Slaven" named in honor of the Slavs. 12 th torch "Ladaria" (3.8. – 22.8.) – This is the most productive in the work of a man of the year when everything goes wrong, everything is done fret (well), everything goes well. Names of 13, 14, 15 lights (Radunets, Zolotarev, Listunets) are associated with joy of harvest, yellowing and abscission of foliage. 16-second torch – Osenets completes the autumn.

Complete year lights – "" (12.11 – 1.12) and Zimohod (2.12 – 22.12) – is . Are any explanations for these names, as well as to Names "Svetoyar" and "Candle", hardly relevant, because accurate imagery of the Russian language. Each torch has a five-day to 4 "Ladunitsy (weeks). The names of "week" and "Monday" are excluded as absurd for a man not can live without doing anything. "Ladunitsa" in honor of the Slavic goddess – Lada. The root of the "Lad" from all the Slavs in the high score. In Russian, "Lad" is a word and concept: a woman's name – Lada – Okay, okay to live, get along, palm, etc.

Fact Material

You can analytically distinguish one pole from another, but now there is no material between the poles, which negatively affect you. The difficulty in the elaboration of the fact that most of the dualities interconnected with each other. As a result of processing a specific duality will lead to the activation of "nearby" dualities. That's not terrible, because these nearby duality release a little charge, and in the future with them it will be easier to work with. So work with the polarities may be initially painful and long – will float a lot of different material, is not strongly related to working on duality: unpleasant emotions, thoughts, pictures, whole episodes of life, etc. This material is discharged, when falls in the range of your consciousness, and is no longer explicitly or implicitly to influence you. The effect of liberation from the material accumulates, and simplifies the way forward.

However, nobody said that there should always be easy. Therefore, for a final departure from the dual mind through it to pass. Signs yield negative material on the level of consciousness are yawning, blurred, drowsiness. The material itself is not always recognized as cases from the past, which is not required. There are just feelings, such as heaviness, discomfort in the body, unpleasant emotions, thoughts, etc. There will be a pleasant sensation, usually occurring at the end of elaboration of duality. They can last for a while or be short-lived. Expected result from the development of specific duality – no voltage when it is examining, or any of its poles.