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The Backup

This is achieved, the descender is secured and the required work can be performed. Working in the heights have been completed, an industrial climber, usually to the bottom dump. Only if the rope does not reach to the ground (at a height of 50 metres), he must ascend again. Safety at height work is first…

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Marita Schrouff

The building has a cellar with a basement. Of the seven axes three decorated-shaped projection with superelevation and centrally located on the main entrance. The depth of the Projection to the reserve measures about 50 cm. A narrow field of tympanum over a series of console, corner and first Acroteria Crown the Risalit. The economy…

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How To Build Sustainable?

A House is considered sustainable, if it takes into account four factors in its entirety: it must be technically efficient, economical, ecological and socio-cultural demands. (tdx) In recent years, the notion of sustainability is”all the rage. Often used in connection with the environmental and climate policy, in the economy, it belongs now to the basic…

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