Political Operatives

" One point of agreement between the two respondents is identified as professionals who serve as the link between the organizations or clients and legislators, acting in turn as political operatives. Furthermore, both assume that this type of consultancy can be summed up as "political relations", leading to a certain position to give business, which may be reflected in a better political position by their customers and the proposals they have to done before legislators. In particular, former Senator Almaraz finds it difficult but not impossible, to establish a dialogue with the legislature, since Congress has durability, because we can not give up a certain topic by a single congressman or senator, what important link is to work with each of the legislatures. "Politics, like politicians, have movement, some legislators will be elected by their states to a post, the change in Congress is much, much wear," he says. Proposals The proposals carried out by both the business and industry, as well as legislators, must invariably favor the society.

Hence, political consultants should be aware not only of political events, but also the social and economic development of our country and other nations. This may be the impact that implies a proposal made by a consultant, identify legislators as well as customers, the importance of political consulting. "What matters is what you bring, what you going to propose and how we do," said Almaraz, for both the customers and legislators are very timely and appropriate studies are conducted to ascertain the impact of the reforms and driven changes in the law.

New Comb For The Harvest Of Olives

Under the experience acquired in the course of the years, both in the project as in the manufacture of increasingly innovative instruments, Lisam has got unique results of productivity, reliability and lightness that are captured in the pneumatic comb V8 Titanium, with only 680 gr deploys a power of 1,800 blows per minute. Choice and research of new solutions and materials, such as components of titanium, magnesium and technopolymers has been important for this team of harvest, as for all Lisam tools. Lisam also produces different types of accessories that facilitate harvest and satisfy different work requirements; with rakes in range that simulate the movement of the hand, tapered into the cups specially shaped bushy and snarled, with provision alternated to increase the radius of action. Based on the experience gained during decades of production of pneumatic tools for agriculture, Lisam has created the new V8 Titanium yet lighter and productive. New comb V8 Titanium weighs less than 700 gr and its power exceeds 1,800 blows per minute. The feature of this instrument of harvest is that it is very lightweight thanks to the use of components of titanium, magnesium and rakes of techno polymers.

A structure of this type accentuated characteristics of robustness and resistance to efforts while the low weight increases ease of manoeuvre. The new design of rakes in range, with more near the base but arranged alternately rods, increases the radius of action of rakes as if he had one rod (therefore the V8 designation). The new shape of the comb allows you to navigate with ease even in very dense fronds. Even the small and most resistant olives are harvested with ease without ensuring no harm to the plant. Original author and source of the article.

Law Easy

Perhaps we have listened on the attraction law, where one pronounces that we to us we attract all the circumstances our life through our thoughts and feelings, really it works? The truth is that yes, thus it happens, it is not that indeed we attract but rather we created our reality. In the film the secret way sample relatively the easy thing that it is to attract things our life, really it is easy? Depends, in the majority of the chaos is not it, with practice it is become easy to obtain certain things, for example we could be concentrated and to destine certain energy to locate to a person, to the course of some time, days more surely we will have the news of that person, will find or it or it will call to us, etc. Another example is the one of a food, if we concentrated in a specific plate by far desire and that is something that is not very daily in house, then the universe will provide that plate somehow, rather you are creating it to you, it works?

Yes, if it works. With some level of practice and associating the appropriate emotions we can begin to use the law of the attraction for our benefit, but it must notice something very important, the attraction law works to him easily for situations that are daily for our mind, the food, the people, some level of money, certain objects, etc. This must to that already certain state is controlled, then is equivalent to that a person reads a book of her language in different places, does not matter where it is always will achieve his objective, because the capacity of ” leer” in certain language it is a state that already is controlled. Now we think what happens with the radical changes of life? , works the attraction law?

Yes, if it does, but it is a process that needs time and effort, you you cannot try to visualize a state which never one has approached, for example when you imagine a plate of lobsters, is a condition that already has undergone several times, then is easy to visualize that event, but what it happens when we visualized to buy a building of 50 floors and not even we have an apartment? It happens that our mind does not process well that information, becomes all an illusion, simply because we do not have the sufficient level of energy to try that intention of first entrance.


The sky was covered with foreboding clouds that made the landscape almost a short scenario. A persistent wind blew strongly from the west, contrary to what is believed due to popular legend, it was hot that day. Much better than that: at noon the temperature was 22 degrees Celsius. At the beginning people crowded around the fortress of the Bastille, was armed with a few rifles, swords and kitchen knives, remained fairly calm until the arrival of people better armed and more aggressive. The wagon was built liftgate since morning, but the footbridge had been down for a while. The first attack was directed against these two bridges by advance elements.

The reinforcements to the advance team arrived from the Invalides, the "Faubourg Saint-Antoine", some with guns and others, like the case of the small group led by the shopkeeper Pannetier, with axes, spades, rakes, shovels rods and taken to force the team early in the regiment of Nassau. They were ecstatic and were inflamed. You could hear cries of "come down the troops" and "we want the Bastille, but their cries could not be clearly understood by individuals who remained on the towers to twenty-five feet high. Very soon, within the "Cour des casernes" an offensive movement is brewing. The group led by Pannetier notes that could easily reach over the wall of the "Contrescarpe" the road of turning round the moat, through the "Cour du gouvernement." Pannetier makes short staircase to Tournay, who, with another seven or eight men climb over the wall, follow the road round and down to the "Cour du gouvernement", without being stopped or arrested.