English Parliament

– An act of the English Parliament decreed, in 1652, that: ‘ ‘ Each Roman priest must be hung, be decapitated and be esquartejado; to follow, its head displayed in a pole in place must be burnt and pblico’ ‘. – In luterana Germany, the anabaptists were cooked in shot bags and in the rivers. – In the presbiteriana Esccia of John Fox, during a period of six years, 1,000 (a thousand) women accused with witchcraft had been burnt more than. If you would like to know more then you should visit Aetna Inc.. – In the cities conquered for ‘ ‘ Protestantismo’ ‘ , the catholics had that to abandon them, leaving in them all its ownerships or then to become it the Protestantismo; if they were discovered celebrating the Mass, were imposed a fine on with the death. These protestants make things that until the devil she doubts and still she has the fallacy to accuse the catholics for the inquisition, the great inquisition were of the protestants, therefore when she happened already they had as example the cruel error of the church catholic and exactly they had thus practised such cruelty. Another condition for these shepherds ridicule that play with the name of my Sacred God – In another ticket: ‘ ‘ Its disciples had said to it: ‘ ‘ If such is the condition of the man regarding the woman, is better not casar’ ‘ It answered: ‘ ‘ Nor all are capable to understand the direction of this word, but those to who were only dado’ ‘ ‘ ‘. Because it has eunucos that they are since the womb of its mothers, has become eunucos such for the hands of the men and has same eunucos that itself if they had made eunucos for love of the kingdom of skies.

The Beginning

Perhaps to avenge me. I do not know of who nor of what!, but I am writing. Now, if you to ask to me as I, in the way of as much baguna personal, still meeting a pavio of faith to fumegar and to wait that still he goes to happen some good thing, to see if you also dumb, feel very: I do not know. I do not know if it comes of God, or if it is of same me, the business is that, same wanting to give up to believe that God goes to pronounce itself, I, back in the soul, am waiting something good of the part of it. One of these bad moments was there for the beginning of February of 2008. I walked overwhelming with my life spiritual, professional, financier and, consequentemente, staff. I left an apartment very located well, although not to be great nor of luxury, nor in noble area, and was to live with the family in a quarter far and forgotten by the city hall.

The house, although good, was in a poeirenta street, esburacada and without treatment of water and sewer. To complete, the fact not to have perspective of promotion in the work and to other left me very things irritated. In taxed house I age of thick and did not have a friend for close with opening who me. If he had, I find that he would not know as to say what was transferred with me. Moreover, at the time he was not congregating in place none, he only went sporadical to some church and, although to fix to assay me in some, he decided never me in which. There, one day, I know there of where nor as, I was felt inspired in the prophet Daniel. I felt a desire deep to make a campaign of 21 days of conjunct.


I was to the center of the city to buy some gifts for my family, knows as it is, we are in the December month day 25 is Native, we have that to be thankful all for the affection during the year. Then I decided to go the Street of customs, in the center of the Rio De Janeiro city. There it has of everything since a pin until the cod of Christmas, is a traditional street. I arrived, I parked my car, knows as one hour is in the center of the city the parking is to the hour of the death costs 10,00 R$ passed of this paid you more, total roubalheira. To the floor for the street I look at who found the mysterious young walking freely for the streets, looked at and was to the meeting of it. It was happy to see me. said: Ol! My son how much time! I was floating, when I am close to it my heart beats a thousand for the moment. It noticed that I was anxious.

He asked: That my son transfers itself with you, you this agitated. I said my friend I am not that when I am close to you I am thus, I do not know why, but I perceive that necessary to make some thing to help somebody, you me awake this attitude of love. Said it me: – Fortunate the merciful ones, because they will reach mercy. Fortunate the pure ones of heart, because summer God! I asked: You always cite a stretch of the Sacred Bible, why? Said it me because it is the Book of the truth and all we have in them that to know, the truth, because the truth will free in them. But he is for reading and living deeply it, to place in the head, but not only to practise the teachings of GOD to be different in the world so diversified.

Behaviour Products

Empirical studies have shown substantial accuracy differences between commercial forecasting tools that use the same types of models. These differences are caused by several reasons including the design and development of algorithms of selection, also as the parameters are calculated and as models are optimized and initialized. The best way to evaluate a system of generation of forecasts, is modeling the past scenarios, generate results through the system and compare with the presented reality. This will allow you to better assess the reliability of a forecasting system can provide to your planning process. To implement an automated system forecasts, the user should be aware that an automatic algorithm sees their data as a series of numbers and select a model based on statistical parameters. It is likely that sometimes the glider has a very large experience with regard to the behaviour of the products and the market demand, which can generate apply adjustments to the forecasts presented in the system or even reject the projections presented by the system.

There are many cases in which the judgment of experts is definitely the best choice, distorting the results of an automatic system. Time series of work capturing patterns in historical data and extrapolating the model in the future. Time series methods are appropriate when the user has a reasonable amount of data and there is a continuity between the past and the future (regularity). They are very appropriate methods when we forecast in the short term. This is due to the assumption that indicates that the model and the trends will remain constant. There are many situations where the methods of time series may not be the best choice. In these scenarios are new products (due to its short history), the prognosis for products subject to permanent events (promotions and/or interruptions of business that generate constant volumes deviations) and prognosis of products whose behavior depends on many variables besides the time as prices, variables of the market, etc.

Reason Hand

It threaded the hand in the pocket of the left side and obtained two currencies, that would give to buy a bullet and a peanut. It placed the hand in the pocket of the shirt and felt the texture of a paper. Who knows a note of twenty or cinquenta one. It removed the paper of the pocket and saw that it was a brochure. Its head still half was darkened. Slowly it went recouping the full conscience and the pain of being an unemployed came back to punish its heart. That same brochure was that one? The memory searched a little and finished for recouping it total. While drunk seated in the table of the bar, it passed a group of people, each one with a Bible in the hand, distributing these brochures.

The young to decide to read. Its heart was gone off. Its soul in agony. It wanted an exit. It wanted aid. Seated under of the marquee it read: ‘ ‘ Therefore the Lamb that if finds in the way it throne will feed them it will guide and them for the sources of the water of the life.

God will dry them of the eyes all lgrima.’ ‘ Apocalypse 7:17 did not need more nothing. tears had gone down. Its interior if revolutionized. It felt as if a great squeeze if loosened in its heart. Until it arrived to imagine a hand strong pressing its heart vigorously and, of one hour for another one, freeing it of the squeeze. It felt a relief. Wise person not to only explain the reason. In the verse of the brochure she had an address of a church that functioned in the center of the city and had attendance spiritual 24 hours per day. The young did not have more doubt. Immediately it was placed of foot and it was. When arriving in the place very it was well received. It received Biblical conjunct and teachings. When asking to the missionary took care of who it what he had happened with it its eyes had come back to lacrimejar. The shepherd answered: ‘ ‘ You had a meeting with God. It loves to it and goes taking care of of you!