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Jet Charter

Guaranteed exclusivity with private Jet Charter flights Jet Charter flights offer exclusivity, with a wide range of Airports, so that you can avoid heavily used airports and crowded runways. Smaller airports be avoided usually by the major airlines, provided private jet companies often and are often made closer by its location situated at the place…

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January Companies

Dr. Werner financial services AG offers her competent financial seminar on raising capital for companies financing despite the banking crisis by 50.000,-up to 200 million, mezzanine financing, fund capital, stimmrechtsloses equity capital and funding also in the winter of 2009, at concessionary rates. We inform you in detail about all ways to finance without banks…

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First Key Trend Report

The Hamburg-based trend research company TrendONE and Trendquest have in common the first key trend report published. The key quarterly trend report summarizes current key trends in the areas of media, marketing and technology in a compact and illuminated them on the basis of specific micro-trends and case studies. Here, the authors show the different…

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