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Cruel doubt does not find? What to use after all? Which Windows is better? Exists a trustworthy version 100%? Which of them better if adapta to my necessities? These and other questions pass frequent in the heads of some people. I particularly am using of the Windows since version 95, and of times pra I…

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World Soundscape Project

Murray Shaffer starting themselves the first research on sonorous ecology, sonorous landscape, thus forming the World Soundscape Project (W.S.P.) having as main purpose to study the sonorous environment. For this studious sonorous landscape it is any portion of the environment that possesss sound, either real or abstract construction, as musical composition or ribbon assembly when…

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New Computer

Article: Educative computer science Summary This article if bases on the experience, as teacher of computer science in a school of the state net of the city of Teresina? Piau. E, has as purpose to show that computer science serves as instrument pedagogical in classroom, that comes breaking the paradigms of the expositivas lessons, that…

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