Of these 919 marks, the sector that agglutinates more is the one of " Beauty and esttica" , with 82 chains (12 more than in 2008); " Stores especializadas" , with 77 (3 less), and " Furniture/Textile; , with 62 (1 less). It also emphasizes the disappearance of 11 companies of the activity of " Agencies inmobiliarias" (one has gone of 34 to the 23 present ones); other 11 of " Fashion femenina" (happening from 59 to 48), as well as of 9 standards of " Services financieros" (from 30 to 21). On the contrary, it has increased the number of companies in the sectors of " /Complementos fashion " , with 7 marks more; " /Varios services " , 4 more, and 3 chains more in the activities of " Education/Formacin" , " The hotel trade/Cafeteras" , " The hotel trade/Fast food" and " Informtica". Establishments According to the annual report of the AEF, to 31 of December of 2009 a total of 57,139 establishments worked, of which 13,400 were property of the chains and the other 43,739 were franchise-holders. If we consider that in December of 2008 the 58,305 premises operated, a reduction has taken place of 1,166 points of sale, a 2%. In this sense, the tendency aims at that the standards have bet abrir to own establishments, since in that period it has gone from 13,201 to the 13,400 premises, 199 more, whereas those of character franchise-holder have descended in 1.365, happening from 45,104 to 43.739. For Vallhonrat, this reality must " to the problematic one that they have the companies at the moment abrir to establishments franchise-holders, due to the difficulties that exist to obtain financing on the part of the organizations bancarias". Use With regards the use that generates the system of franchise in our country, at the end of the past year they were the 235,075 people who worked in the same: 67.439 in own establishments and 167,636 in local franchise-holders.


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Enterprising Article

The manifesto of the entrepreneur (articulo1) linear thought Versus exponential thought. One of the main errors of 97% of the entrepreneurs who we presented/displayed to you in this manifesto is a set of paradigms that has the entrepreneur. One of these paradigms is the paradigm of linear thought Versus exponential thought. The linear thought is when the entrepreneur cannot see but he has than his physical eyes they can see, and he is reflected in all the aspects of his business. For example when contract people, does not have a recruitment system, does not take time for to investigate to that contract, contract by urgency, after which contract people passes the following thing: It puts the same day that contract to any person to to work, without before painting the vision to him of the business to the new personnel. This linear thought, that has the entrepreneur finally this thinking I am going to shake to those problems with the aid of this person.

The contracted one will do all the best one than it can, but since there is no a specific explanation of how it is that work that will do hit in the final results of the business. It begins to make the things as better it seems to him, leaving everything to his mood of every day. When as enterprising you change east paradigm of linear thought that is only concentrated in the problems that you wish to solve in the present and change it with the paradigm of exponential thought that takes into account the present, and more than nothing the effect of the present actions in results. When beams this change your business begins to change and to improve. It remembers that the success in your business is in changing and fitting your way to think, your internal world, your form to see the things.

Key Aspects To Consider In The Launching Of A Beta

The businesses continue being prosperous in the scene ” online” (in Internet). You may find Intel to be a useful source of information. One recovered of the tragedy of the explosion during the millenium. This Renaissance of the promising opportunities has attracted many people to the electronic commerce (E-commerce), and thus have hoisting candles in the vast sea of ciber space. They fear neither to turbulent waters nor the ferocious sharks to him. They have objectives that to fulfill, and feel that desire is sufficient to make prosper them in this new world. Or creates thus it. To make businesses in line requires something more than the passion and the anger. It is required more than intelligence and I also devise.

The pure anger could only mean the perdicin, an unfounded confidence would be an irresponsibility that could lead to the disaster. More than any other thing, to make businesses in line, and, finally, of being successful in it, it requires an ample dominion of some basic foundations. There are fundamental rules in the commerce in line that often they are forgotten by which the last tendencies are extremely jealous to do money using. Since it has said somebody: ” The madrugadores can catch the worm, but the one is the wise bird that will be able to know how when to give to the blow ” at any time;. A revision of these rules is necessary to arm to us with the tools that could be used for a life of flourishing commerce in Internet.

Healthful Diet

Then not only to adopt a healthful diet that will help to maintain your weight him long term, but also he will learn how to make his capacity to obtain everything what you want in the life – including the power to use a suit of favorite bath or his skinny jeans station that wishes. It is possible that I said to you – or verbal or indirect through announcements – if you do not have to be able on foods, not no power absolutely. Nothing could be more far of the truth. Each person is beautiful, and everybody has the emotional competitions, social abilities and physical capacities in the hope of being exploded. In order to heal the wounds of the past, and to recognize and to reinforce the power within the foundation was born to him from the loss of permanent weight. If a diet to lower of weight is inadequate, it will never be successful in the profit of his objectives. On the other hand, if you have a recommended program followed by a specialist, who also practical and is varied, has the keys of the success.

In fact, it is even possible to be arrived at a smaller size in a total of two weeks. ” secreto” – if you want to call it – she is to adopt a good program of proven exercises that very instantaneously can adapt to their style of life. It remembers that the success is in the simplicity, clarity and practical sense. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Vikas Kapoor by clicking through. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt a plan of healthy feeding that it works sinrgicamente with his plan of exercise to construct on this foundation of one heals and lasting that not only will help you to enjoy better, but also it will help to develop its abilities to embrace its personal power. It remembers that with a guide of the good food adapted to its style of life that you can do more than to go to another diet to try to lose weight, and Really it is possible to be won in all the scopes of its life and to reach the outer beauty agrees with its inner beauty.

Discussion Results

Results What it is hoped to obtain are smaller latency times, following priming presented/displayed and based on the frequency of the word (high or low), confirming the conexionista theory and confirming if the smaller latency time corresponds with the presentation of priming determined or no. On the basis of the conexionistas models and to the results obtained by the investigators Brown and McNeill, according to which the frequency of the word is excellent at the time of the phenomenon of PL, that takes place a series of activations at visual level, semantic and fonolgico when the connection of a node takes place and which the speaker owns the information of the word, like the initial and final letter, the number of syllables and the position of the main accent, the results which they will be hoped to obtain are smaller latency times when are to definitions/questions on words of high frequency and as newness is hoped to know what type of activation prevails over the others starting off of the obtained results of Brown and McNeil. That is to say, since they obtained like result that speaking owns information of the word, although cannot accede to her, the experiment will verify if smaller reaction times are obtained, even though the aid is being realised with priming semantic and nonfonolgico, that would be the one that could favor better to the access of the word according to them. In the corresponding analysis of results all the data will be excluded that we obtain regarding answers correct but not happened under phenomenon PL as well as incorrect answers, that do not correspond with the word target. Discussion Considering that this investigation is only a design proposal, we do not have certain results of reaction times to be able to verify the hypothesis raised in the beginning of the report and to review, of this form, if the results confirm or no the pointed predictions. .

Answer Surveys Works

Receiving money to answer surveys is something that much people do not know and who still less implement. If you want to make money filling surveys it is important that you are realistic with your expectations. You are not surprised if beams a survey that lasts twenty minutes and a pair of dollars by her only pays to you. You do not hope that your tray of entrance either this rebosante overloading and of surveys so that you complete every day. Each survey has demographic requirements for which it was designed. If you do not fulfill the demographic criteria, definitively you will not receive the survey. Apart from which the surveys have economic benefits have other additional benefits. You can do it seated in your house in your free time to make a little extra money.

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These companies are not the owners of the surveys, they are intermediaries who sell the list to you of companies that yes are polls. This type of site normally is published by which it knows of the business and it has learned tricks and short cuts based on his experience. You must always review whatever is its minimum payment. Some companies have minimum payments that are perhaps not arranged to hope. In order to begin to fill remunerated surveys and to make money of the possible easiest way, you do Click Here. Original author and source of the article.

The Girl

Whichever mothers did not cry to their children, unique the own thing, the unique treasure that God had given when seeding a seed them of love in its belly, and as reward received a medal, a standard with which could not, nor them Serbian to replace the being that lost or to buy foods and to live. Whichever mothers did not go it rambling of a side for another one, receiving scorns, humiliations, rudeness, ridicules trying to secure aid, a return, an aid. Oscar felt desires to vomit, not by the blood, not by the legs that amputee were, by the suturadas wounds, by the tragedy, no, it felt desires to vomit to see as much cruelty and sevicia in the man, as much desire of extermination of the same race under pretexts that did not share nor justified. It was about to finish the turn when it descended among skies, under the shelter of a behind schedule cobriza one, one of the last helicopters. With the hands in the waist I let save a pain sigh and aloud I exclaim: " " The last soldiers of the shades, that will not see the light of a new day " " The stretcher-bearers lowered two bodies, were two young people: A beautiful girl of little twelve years and a boy of thirteen years. Oscar was surprised when seeing two children, that with his mustios eyes they watched distressed all the sides.

He surprised also it that they came taken from the hands and no matter how much treatment to separate them was not possible to do it. Oscar I approach the girl and he said to him tenderly: " " I need to review them, to see the wounds, to make a diagnosis and behavior, but in these conditions not realizar&quot could; ". The girl with the eyes flooded in tears responded to him in a slight whisper: " " He is my brother and if we are going to die, we will die together " " Oscar did not say anything, made transfer to the young people to the stretcher.

Social Responsibility

The one that acts does without conscience; who meditates is conscious Is a certain fact, that the SMEs of the country are only many that have not been identified, nor it jeopardize with respect to the noncontamination of the environment, of such form, that its operativity does not generate environmental problems in the surroundings where it does, thus as they demonstrate a good social responsibility, much of it must to the little importance that the management him it gives these topics that come dragging by many years, and where the State, the Community, consumers carries out a roll important in order to guarantee the noncontamination. When east subject has treated in the classrooms, like in the direct investigation on this reality in means, one determines, that the SMEs have not concientizado opportune and the necessary thing that it is, for example, the Green Accounting and the attachment to environmental norms to understand the importance of the natural resources, emphasizing their contribution to the well-being of the human beings. The faults and more lamentable weaknesses of these companies are that: * They contaminate air, water and ground in the local scope. * They have not fulfilled the norm legal and constitutional that favors the preservation and protection of the environment and, therefore, it guarantees the quality of life of the people. * They have suspended the environmental action through time.

* They do not fulfill the objectives fixed and the legal frame that prevails in terms of well-taken care of protection and of the environment. * The demands and requirements of the surroundings have not waked up against and the securing of a future for the next generations. * They lack a culture of development of brings back to consciousness ecological. Of way, that ignorance and mismatch of SMEs with respect to norms developed for protection environmental, of acceptance world-wide (like ISO 14000) and national (laws that regulates the environmental protection and the resources), are generating two problems that emerge at this moment with force: first it is the possibility that an important group of companies of the country sees limited their access international markets.

End Water

" The second winner of the contract, Bill, disappeared during some time. He did not see himself him during several months, which made very happy to Ed since it did not have competition. Ed was making all the money. " Instead of to buy two buckets to compete with Ed, Bill had a plan of businesses written, created a corporation, found four investors, employed a president to do the work and later returned six months with a group of workers of the construction. After a year its equipment had constructed a stainless steel pipe of great volume that connected aa the village with the lake, " During the great ceremony of inauguration, Bill announced that its water was cleaner than the one of Ed, Bill knew that complaints had appeared of which the water of Ed was dirty.

Bill also announced that it could provide to water to the village 24 hours to the day, seven days to the week. Ed only could provide water in labor days: it did not work the week ends. Immediately, Bill announced that it would receive 75% less than Ed by this water provision, more reliable and of better quality. The inhabitants of the village they ovacionaron and they ran to the faucet at the end of the pipe of Bill. " With the purpose of to compete, Ed lowered its price in 75% immediately, obtained other two buckets, added covers to its buckets and immediately began to carry four buckets in each trip. In order to provide better service, it contracted his two children so that they helped him at night in the turn and during the week ends. When their children left to the university, he said to them that they hurried to return because someday that business would belong to them. " For some reason their children did not return after the university.