Eduardo Pavlovsky

In order to obtain that the patient is " enchufado" of permanent form to its therapy, I prescribe a tool, that being one of humblest than I know, is probably of most useful for the process of the CHANGE. One is " his majestad" , THE THERAPEUTIC NOTEBOOK. Memory that was in 1978, when I began to use of on their own initiative, " cuaderno". At that time it was carrying out an individual psycotherapy with the Dr. Eduardo Pavlovsky (Tato). The sessions seemed to me so useful and interesting, that I decided to write them to be able to take advantage of them to the maximum (still I conserve all). Since then, until today, I have not stopped of " to prescribe cuadernos".

The therapeutic notebook is " conexin" continuous between patient and his therapy. He is " hard disk externo" , that allows to store any touching information that it can be useful in the therapeutic process: Autobiography, letters directed to specific bonds, newspaper, loose notes, etc. As you see, the psycotherapy for my, is an intense relation of work, where the patient is not passive, but well on the contrary, she must be able to work actively with me in his treatment. That activity takes shape, in which sometimes I suggest certain tasks to them (therefore they are optional), like for example, to read a certain book or to see some film that I consider them can help. But in other occasions, I do not suggest, but I prescribe certain tasks (it is my part dictator), like for example, to request photos to them or that write on some subject in particular. Returning to the one from the notebook, from the beginning I explain and I suggest kindness to them of the same: " just as I take notes exceeds what we spoke, does not bother to me absolutely, but quite the opposite, that you take notes; because there are times that when leaving the consultation, one does not remember exactly what has drawn him attention.

Freud And Health

It should not be confused to the psychoanalysis with its external attributes, widely spread by the cinema and Literature: divn, the quiet analyst, the long duration of the treatment. But the psychoanalysis can do without divn as of silence as much, and its duration is only necessarily long in some cases, especially in those people who aspire to being psychoanalysts. Also other treatments exist that the analysts call of fast therapeutic effects, psychoanalysis applied or focused, brief psychoanalysis, brief psycotherapy of psychoanalytic direction, according to the diverse schools and currents. Then, what is what differentiates to the psychoanalysis of the remaining psycotherapies: 1 the psychoanalysis, from its foundation by Freud, tries to sweep with the rigid borders between health and disease. For him nobody is absolutely healthy nor totally ill, than some consequences follow: to to get to be psychoanalyst it is necessary to previously practice the psychoanalysis in condition of analizante (that is to say: patient), exigency that does not exist in no other therapeutic alternative.

b the relation does not settle down between a healthy therapist and a patient patient, but between two human subjects, one of which del is had in possession of a knowledge that can benefit the other. c the method is same for the healthy patient and the patient and, therefore, for any pathology. d This method is based on two basic rules: – The patient commits itself to say everything what she crosses to him the mind – the analyst to kindly listen to saying of the patient, including narrations of dreams and apparently absurd occurrences, and giving back its words to him under a new light. Simultaneously, he guarantees that the analytical experience has sense, by his own experience and the one of his other patients. 2 Desembaracmonos of the average man, who does not exist.


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Suitable Post Support Sale

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