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Eduardo Pavlovsky

In order to obtain that the patient is " enchufado" of permanent form to its therapy, I prescribe a tool, that being one of humblest than I know, is probably of most useful for the process of the CHANGE. One is " his majestad" , THE THERAPEUTIC NOTEBOOK. Memory that was in 1978, when I…

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Freud And Health

It should not be confused to the psychoanalysis with its external attributes, widely spread by the cinema and Literature: divn, the quiet analyst, the long duration of the treatment. But the psychoanalysis can do without divn as of silence as much, and its duration is only necessarily long in some cases, especially in those people…

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Google owns a good secret kept in the percentage from the division, and it makes vary, but for our intentions, we say that he is a 50%. So that it is seen clearly but we put an Example. If a publisher is prepared to pay 30 cents of dollar by click to his announcement of…

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