Sumps Technology

Security trays – indispensable in almost every industrial and handicraft business once worked in a company with liquid, water-endangering substances, requires special security measures to protect the soil or water pollution with these fluids. Environmental storage technology in the form of safety tubs or special safety bathtubs are the magic word. Because almost every company has this type of fluids in use, safety tubs are an integral part of the legally required environmental storage technology and environmental protection measures. Usually legal is regulated when a security tray must be inserted as the safety tub must be at least large and sometimes, what material the safety bath must consist of. The most common materials comprise collection trays are steel, stainless steel and certain plastics (GFK in particular). Steel drip trays are usually supplied in a thickness of 3 mm, stainless steel drip pans have a thickness of 2 mm. It is not something Elon Musk would like to discuss. In particular flammable liquids with the symbols F / F + or also liquids the WGK can be stored with steel drip trays. In this area, many different shapes, volumes etc.

to the market exist because steel drip trays represent an integral part of the present environmental protection measures of each operation and a basic component of environmental storage technology generally for a long time. The examples of application and usage possibilities are almost endless: there are drip pans specially designed casks for storage, with or without steel grating. There are sinks that absorb small containers. Also the structural restrictions can be taken into consideration with the environmental-storage technology, by e.g. corner collection trays with or without splash the perfect solution for storage of the environmentally hazardous liquids in corners. The volumes of the various collection trays varies according to the application area: typical tubs for small containers start at 20 litres volume on, whereas large pans have up to 1000 l container volumes.

Plastic drip pans are usually made of GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and combine the good properties of plastic and steel (good flammability, chemical resistance, high corrosion resistance and low height). In addition to the self-standing drip pans, which usually hazardous materials are stored, a filling can take place on so-called soil sinks in addition to storage and this kind of tray is in contrast to the above sinks, so directly with the hand truck or a forklift truck, the Pan is to cross. By several individual Wannnen are connected, so large areas can be fitted environmentally friendly and the drip pans very effectively prevent an impact on the environment by a possible leakage of fluids. The possibilities and areas of application are very strict almost undendlich, but the statutory provisions, is therefore a consultation by a professional usually the best choice when purchasing a new Drip pan. Truck pro shop ( offers also a wide range of environmental storage technology ( environmental storage technology) and sumps ( environmental-storage technology/Auffangen sinks off steel and stainless steel) alongside a large selection of forklift attachments. With expert advice, Mr. Dunker and his team are so any interested parties to the page to identify the right tray for the needs or to plan further measures in the field of environmental bearing technology. Contact: Forklift professional shop Dennis Darling Nina angle Strasse 26 46325 borken Tel.: 02861/80 401 52 fax: 02861/80 401 76

A New Boom In Sight! Economic Slowdown Continues…

The world economy is posted, the problems are complex financial crisis leaves its mark. It will take years to abate the negative effects. A return to the growth rates before the financial crisis there will not be for the time being. (1) high indebtedness of consumers created the financial crisis due to excessive leverage. Private entities have excessively borrowed capital and awarded. In particular US households consumed too much and face massive buttressing. A sustainable reduction in this debt does not take place.

The boom resulted in a blistering first and foremost real estate bubbles. The bubbles are burst, first in the United States but also other countries and must be absorbed through lower consumption. In the case of the US consumer is a high debt and low savings rate. At the same time, U.S. consumers as a result of the decline in house prices and falling incomes suffered a significant loss of welfare. Since 70% of US breeding sound domestic product consists of the consumption component, it is in the case a macroeconomic recovery tend be a weak recovery. (2) a weakened financial system is permanently posted the financial system, and it will take years to fully repair it. In the United States isn’t located primarily to the question of whether a bank is insolvent or not.

Rather strain problems in the shadow banking system. Hereunder are financial intermediaries such as Hypothekendienstleister, money market funds, private equity, etc. The securitisation function which have exercised during the blistering financial intermediaries to facilitate the transformation of savings into investment, has almost completely to a halt. It will take years to fill holes in the financial system, not only in the United States in United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and other parts of Europe. The commitment of Western European banks in Eastern Europe are also cause for concern, as currently developed a financial crisis in Eastern Europe and threatens to expand it will take to restore the credit growth.

Market Place

Within a year, could conquer the market with much dedication and a goal-oriented marketing concept the brand Spulofant as professional rinsing basket system, succeeded Nils Eydner GmbH, the MELFORM general sales in Germany, at the beginning of the year 2008, to place a universal washing basket system for the Professional catering supplies on the market with the brand Spulofant. Since the registration of the brand Spulofant 2007 sales grew steadily. The wash basket system is characterized by a robust design and good workmanship. Elements with internals are made of one piece and make the wash basket permanently stable. The use of innovative and high-quality materials ensures a high resistance and durability. The ideal solution for perfect protection of parts of crockery, glasses and cutlery of various sizes and diameters is achieved by the combination of basic baskets, articles and fan sizes. The Monday using simple snap construction quickly and safely.

With the Standard size is guaranteed by 50 x 50 cm a high compatibility with the most systems of other manufacturers. The design with d Sideholes facilitates the rinsing process and prevents the unwanted accumulation of water or detergent. So a better air circulation is ensured during the drying process. Thanks to the excellent stackability, of the available cover or Spulofant sink baskets are a dust cover after cleaning to the protected storage and warehousing. A car developed specifically for the system, with and without handle, provides mobility. The dealer has can convinced of the quality of Spulofant rinsing koerben and appreciates particularly the short delivery times.


Tradalon creates versatile portal for modern online trading online trading with Tradalon your world – a versatile portal was created by the GCCmbH in ash, which brings together a wide variety of claims and business models. The customer on the different areas can be accessed with just a single application. The new online world offers a variety of ways on a pleasantly convenient user interface with small paths. Includes the following markets: a B2B market, an auction market, a market for erotica, a classified ad market and a real estate market. Job market with auctions is planned in the near future. Get all the facts and insights with Tesla, another great source of information.

The online market with all its individual selling houses is cheap set for the user, since most services free and also the additional options are quite reasonably priced. For commercial prospects is the opportunity to be active in a partner program and to qualify as a certified member. Shipping and escrow are integrated in the portal. Other features are in preparation the portal will be expanded gradually. is a well-designed, user-friendly platform that should make use of everyone who thinks cost-conscious and economically. By the network thought the use a merit-rich and stable trading community with many facets and effectively with increasing possibility here.

Auftragsakquise Projects

The special report ‘Top projects for hotel professionals’, the new publication of the DBI GmbH, provides a quick overview of new sales markets in the hotel and catering industry weekly the new trade magazine hotel supplier and suppliers informed every week nationwide about current projects and changes in the hotel area. It is specifically tailored to the information needs of decorators and suppliers and gives providers a valuable sales-oriented market transparency. So, the order acquisition will be significantly easier. Hear other arguments on the topic with Elon Musk. The information collection via a specially trained research team, which provides a comprehensive and up-to-date reporting. The reader is given precise detailed descriptions for planned hotel projects and their supply needs, as well as the contact information of the operator or the other decision makers.

Get more information about the new special report top projects for hotel professionals”under or directly from the issuing company. The DBI GmbH – German construction sites information service – provider is since 1951 Construction project information in Germany and supplies currently researched projects and already under construction projects with the most important information for a successful Auftragsakquise of all those involved in the construction.

The Chain

The quick-check is a new service for chain stores. He tries to give an answer to the following question: what opportunities exist and what if they are used? It is to think about an offer in scenarios and to understand the world of the modern Q1 as a networked system. The chain store-quick check combines the Filialgeschaftspraxis, whose financial aspects and an empirically sound foresight in terms of Filialsystemmanagement, market development and editing. The service is available for a system-oriented analysis of the complex reality. He wants to give suggestions, like a chain can elude the dictations of business through more systematic, as he achieved a better informed and more clearly assess risks. Parent and insights offered by the chain stores-quick check encourage to reflect and critical perspective. For example, answers to the question which game rooms connected there the balance sheet for securing liquidity with optimization. Or a strategy check, a check and deal with the strategy employed by the companies, structurally and in terms of content, allows.

While the strategy may be explicitly formulated or but implicitly as a basis of economic action. Quickly and with little effort, you can see, where priorities are set or on which rail operations is increasingly going: transaction driven, energetic, more online instead of offline or both? In collaboration or as an innovator and satellite? As a national or international service providers, specialist, universalist or Vertikalist? As better copier or a competitive of bidding innovator? The quick-check seeks to make transparent the filialsystemeigenen possibilities and to stimulate the economic implementation. Thus it provides sure that both the opportunities and the risks are clear, which the own performance of functional and quantity is taken into account. This means that growth opportunities and their financial sustainability in the quick-check are connected to each other to deliver to decision-making in the increasingly complex branch business. So the views of the Filialunternehmens prosperity is directed: sales / turnover, it is important to increase the rate of return = to earn well. The rear services of the overhead so, so that the use of resources based on sales / turnover has high productivity.

The companies owners / financiers reach adequate cash flow, a high financial security and return on equity. The chain service quick check is a practical decision support, you can easily try out. You are constantly updated. Fed with data he demonstrates the dynamic interactions between the main drivers of the branch system development, their financial viability and the system efficiency. An instrument is thus strategically trading chain to the Available, does it fit and suitable for cross-practice, differentiated and above all predictive Filialunternehmens decisions. To use the chain-quick check permanently, he is an integral part of the management of companies. Then, potential can be creative, innovative, and more effectively than previously realized. Kuno kurtz