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The hotels, which value their reputation, you can ask the staff a receipt detailing the cost and deposited items (two copies: you have one, one remains at the reception), in which case the hotel is responsible for the safety of your belongings. Do not lose the receipt, or you do not accidentally give it to…

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Post Cruise Tour Report

The cruise ship Portal “cruise” cruise vacationers now makes it possible to get part of their expenses back. Despite many convenient money saving offers cruises in comparison to other forms of travel are but still very expensive. The cruise ship Portal kreuzfahrt.de offers now the opportunity again to get back at least some of cruise…

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City Ulyanovsk

Word – volatile material, ephemeral, even written down on paper, it is not fully defined, each tries to read it in its own way. But the bronze and stone pretend to eternity. Therefore, residents of the city of Ulyanovsk (Simbirsk) tried to perpetuate his countrymen building monuments. But with the monuments as something has not…

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