Take Advantage Of The Moment: Direct Donation Via Hotline Is Easy And Secure

Fundraising Association sees the German fundraising donations of Germans unbroken Fulda/Bonn / Hall – Association (DFRV) adopted new ethics rules in Fulda. These include mandatory standards for the various forms and methods of fundraising and serve the orientation and self-regulation. You continue to develop the rules developed over the last years. The previously existing ethical principles of our work were useful but had to be defined for new challenges”, explains Kai Fischer standards for a good, ethical fundraising practices of the competent Committee”. According to a survey of the Fundrainsing association among its members, the willingness to donate the Germans despite the UNICEF turbulence has not decreased, especially the smaller organizations would have survived the doubt in public thanks to the close ties of their patrons without donations slump. Also many charities go new ways to attract donors and that the actual donation as easy as possible to make. So, the Foundation offers Childaid network for their project of Karmariders potential donors the possibility of this about to do one with the help of the Bonn Mehwertdiensteanbieters NEXT ID realised donations hotline.

In addition to the classic bank transfer and acquisition of sponsorships for a defined number of kilometres of the participants, a charity hotline has been established. With a phone call from a landline under 09001-527627, caller donate directly 3 euro to the project. Alternatively it is charity SMS on the 81190, to 2.99 Euro come to the project allows. This modern method appeals to mainly spontaneous donors who want to support the action, but perhaps no longer remember”, says Thomas Volk, key account manager at NEXT ID. While the direct donation via calls from the fixed network is easy, anonymous and secure. The amount will appear on the phone bill, which accept the IRS as proof of donation. The Karmariders – five bike-enthusiastic students from Delhi – see Patronage of the former world-class swimmer and Olympic gold medalist Michael Gross make station in 25 German cities until the autumn, to raise money.

In every town along the route, there will be events with a wide variety of fundraising campaigns. So Tobias Schuppen by the Karmariders, there are many potential donors, they could address the direct donation offer. Because Childaid network exclusively with a network of volunteers working together and the administration costs are covered by a support group, can all donations fully passed on the projects are. A total 2,500 kilometres with the wheel lays back in Germany and India, 250,000 euros should come together to build orphanages and schools in North-East India. NEXT ID could realize in the short term a donation hotline for four children whose parents in early April in Westerhausen at Quedlinburg (Saxony-Anhalt) by carbon monoxide poisoning killed have come. The Club is carrier radio brocken helps e.V.”by the private radio station Radio brocken. Almost overnight, NEXT had turned its own phone number ID for this purpose. By the call from a landline number 0900-1000, each caller Donates 100 directly 5 euro for 8-13 year olds up children. Radio brocken estimates above all the flexible handling of the project by NEXT ID: idea and concept were barely born, because NEXT had realized the implementation of ID. Thanks to our powerful partner we can help quickly the affected family”, says the Deputy Programme Director Tina Wilhelm. The entire project was recorded positive radio community. By Andreas Schultheis