Tati Days

-It was an accidental – he explained Tati-. He was working on the drafting of the journal in which my father had worked when there was a conflict somewhere in Russia that now I do not remember. Everyone thought that it was going to be a temporary conflict, which wouldn’t last more than a few days and as he speaks Russian to perfection, they asked him, but he dared to cover the news. You can imagine! I think he was Twenty-one or twenty-two years. They offered cover a news to many kilometers of distance was quite an achievement for him.

He did not hesitate a moment in accepting the offer. The news did not my father much, but he did not listen and went to the place of the conflict. It seems that the first column with the description of the facts was so precise, concise, clear and complete, the director was impressed. The conflict became eternal and their news was increasingly more detailed. Since that time, they were considered a correspondent and I have sent it to cover in more distant places.

It is currently considered one of the best reporters of the moment. That was how became a war reporter. I don’t think that he would have thought previously in it. I guess at some point in your life you will want to leave it and settle in a place and form a family, but he is still very young. I think that still it did not the thirty years-. -That you think if we forget them all – he told her stroking his black and wavy hair are now here, both of us and the eternity of our love, to live intensely these 7 days. Remember that they have to be recorded to fire, as the days of the beginning of our life in common and have to serve us when for some silly reason we fight in the future.-Seba, he said.