The Available

However, we hear commentaries of others, that the water and the energy were not paid for them and nor for the school, therefore, could occur wastefulness. For they made sensible to waste, therefore in the base of its beliefs, the resources as the water and the electric energy they could be used indefinitely without no problem occurred. In the vision of them these resources are infindveis. Visa of this form, some pupils they had left for the confrontation, leaving on lights when it was not more necessary and leaving taps of the opened water throughs to spill the water. Thus, to minorar these problems we had that to together intensify the lectures of awareness with repressoras measures. In this context, we notice that it hears a confrontation of opposing beliefs, where that one that we defend supports not the wastefulness of the cited resources, and, the belief of the pupils ' ' rebeldes' ' , it defends the contrary idea ours.

This scene, we believe that it has had a learning in the molds that Vigotski nails (2000), that it the same says that if of the one for the creation of strategies (action joint) in the direction of the activity, for which the citizens mobilize the available knowledge all (personal and collective, internal and external). This learning occurred, mainly when we develop an action that had as objective to diminish or to finish with the ants savas that they hindered the revegetao it surrounding pertaining to school. In this in case that, we could not to make use of common formicidas, therefore we would finish having poluindo the ground and underground waters. However, part of the involved people, as the guards, for example, advocated the use of a pesticide comumente found in the specialized commerce, called Mirex. For they made sensible (understood as part here of what determined community she believes) the use of such pesticide.