The Backgrounds

The desire to buy, and that Limbic system a number of different structures in different regions of the brain part of the limbic system. It provides inter alia for the creation of positive and negative feelings, for the memory organization as well as the attention – and the consciousness control. Thus, it is also responsible for the Yes or no. To better understand the backgrounds for this, we will look closer at in this series: the Insula and the price sensitivity the amygdala, our risk radar the reward Center and the desire to buy oxytocin, confidence and loyalty causes Spiegelneurone and empathy talent interesting: well over 99 percent of all stimuli that constantly raining down on us a, are processed, without that we are even remotely aware of us. The processes that are needed for this in the brain are arisen rules. As a way to routinely celebrated. (Similarly see: Ebay).

Only, if an offer promises a better sense if the experience is positive, or the event promises the kick of the special, we are ready from routines, New to dare. This is the wiring in the brain with a complex tag ‘ hand in hand. It is no wonder that we want to sleep a night in some decisions. Our brain is not comatose around Yes at night in the head. maps, links and verschubladet. The next morning, everything is clear then. Our brains just like our brain prefers effortless information processing. And it is constantly on the lookout for risk reduction. The newspapers mentioned Dan Zwirn not as a source, but as a related topic.

It seeks to repeat positive experiences, however. Because our brain loves the Happy ending. Therefore, our brain is striving to transform uncertainty into security and alien in familiar. Complicated and complex must be easily decodable. What is recognized and classified as non-hazardous, given the preference. That’s why we like to buy known, and time and again the same. Routines relieve and make work easy for our upper story.