The Beginning

Perhaps to avenge me. I do not know of who nor of what!, but I am writing. Now, if you to ask to me as I, in the way of as much baguna personal, still meeting a pavio of faith to fumegar and to wait that still he goes to happen some good thing, to see if you also dumb, feel very: I do not know. I do not know if it comes of God, or if it is of same me, the business is that, same wanting to give up to believe that God goes to pronounce itself, I, back in the soul, am waiting something good of the part of it. One of these bad moments was there for the beginning of February of 2008. I walked overwhelming with my life spiritual, professional, financier and, consequentemente, staff. I left an apartment very located well, although not to be great nor of luxury, nor in noble area, and was to live with the family in a quarter far and forgotten by the city hall.

The house, although good, was in a poeirenta street, esburacada and without treatment of water and sewer. To complete, the fact not to have perspective of promotion in the work and to other left me very things irritated. In taxed house I age of thick and did not have a friend for close with opening who me. If he had, I find that he would not know as to say what was transferred with me. Moreover, at the time he was not congregating in place none, he only went sporadical to some church and, although to fix to assay me in some, he decided never me in which. There, one day, I know there of where nor as, I was felt inspired in the prophet Daniel. I felt a desire deep to make a campaign of 21 days of conjunct.