The College Of Staff Leave Administration

Carlos Mora Vanegas The will to succeed is important, but the will to prepare is vital Joe Paterno has said repeatedly, as the administration graduates, graduates of national universities through their schools have found very little about the relevance , scope, impact generated by a College of Administrators, but when having a large number of graduates and the environment offers great opportunities to make the College one of the best, also the role to be played towards the projection of management career, his service to the community and everything that benefits its members in social, cultural, professional. There are many aspects that can be analyzed in favor of rescuing the role it should play the College Administrators, especially in a scenario of a country that presents great opportunities to the changes of saberseles manage, promote the development of the College and provides a its members opportunities for the administrator to carry out their work, exercise adequately to the requirements currently required. Issues ranging from the rights of the administrator in the exercise of their profession, especially in a year and Regulation Act, which have many gaps to be filled, leaving nucho to say; updated training and professional development, employment, research seminars, workshops, conventions, conferences, lectures, links to universities, business schools towards the proper definition of the required administrator's profile, links with enterprises, government agencies, with the state, offering advisory services, consulting , outreach, publications, website, social and cultural aspects, health services, among others. Topics that each need to be analyzed in terms of its scope, impact, benefits that promote the College.