The Couch

If you want to buy a sofa to sleep and you are often going use the mechanism of transformation is a rather large load, which may well survive 'evroknizhka'. It differs from the simple "book" a great sleeper and protection for the walls (it adjoins the couch). Want to couch was fixed at different angles? You no longer fit the mechanism of "click-clack." Easy roll-out mechanism is also considered reliable, provided that naravlyayuschie and rollers are made to last. Bed in this sofa is located just below the normal level. At Penguin Random House you will find additional information. Also convenient is the mechanism of "dolphin." Not simple and not very reliable, are considered "English cot" and "French cot." The mechanisms are not designed to frequent use, and the surface of these sofas are not flat. In them, as in 'accordion' no underwear drawer, and this is another big minus. But sofas "accordion" is quite compact. You can buy a sofa 'accordion' and get spacious sleeper, but the transformation must take into account that there must be reserve space in the room.

The supporting structure must be a sofa made of steel, it's better when it's all-metal mechanism of support. It is better to buy a sofa from which all parts and hardware support structure will be made of steel wire mesh – variant unreliable, much more trust is tselnolistovoy mechanism of support. A good indicator for the sofa is soft and elastic in the folded position. The back and armrests Dolny repeated bending of the body and be comfortable for sitting. The softness and convenience provides a filler.

Most often used for these purposes foam, a little less padding polyester or polyurethane foam (PUF), but there are others dyurafilom, sintepuhom and spanbond. Polyurethane has proven itself as the most durable material, and quite durable. Similar to the properties of the material – perioteka, he also Allergy. Still there is a latex (antibacterial), but came up with the properties of the foam latex and it is even cheaper. To remain on the couch is not plastic deformation, the density of filler should be between 35-45 kg / sq.m. You can buy a sofa fitted with the spring block. Typically used the springs 'Bonnel', with independent coil springs (about 120 pieces / m), they are interconnected and move in one direction. Such corner sofas are comfortable to sit on them and good for everyday podoydkt sleep, but they are not cheap. Surface quite hard, and for overweight people are shaped sofas will simply present. There is options combined with springs and polyurethane foam as a filler. So, if the mechanisms and the stiffness of the sofa we have sorted it was the look. Upholstery sofa Everybody wants to have a sofa, which in addition to adezhnosti will still look good. Buy the sofa can be the most common and upholstery, but most shops offer a choice of many options and colors of fabrics, leather and kozhzama. Each species has its drawbacks and benefits. Teflon flock, for example, will repel water. You can also buy a sofa is not expensive in jacquard or tapestry, or choose a more expensive sofa, upholstered in chenille and flock. Leather or imitation leather of course, is the most of expensive upholstery, so office furniture looks so impressive. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of materials, you can already make a confident choice to buy a sofa. We hope that these tips will help you and you will be satisfied with your purchase.