The Customer Does Not Pay? Collection Helps!

New compact Guide to businesses, freelancers and service providers in the Receivables Management support job done. Invoice and the customer does not pay? The right specialist Bettina Martin in their new compact guide shows how a Receivables Management that is tailored to individual needs, can relieve the entrepreneurs and minimize delinquencies. Often, debt is cause liquidity problems, especially for small businesses, service providers and freelancers due to defaulting payers. Reputable debt collection companies are an equally effective as time-saving alternative to efforts to collect unpaid bills. They offer comprehensive services, from legally correct billing up to the take over the claims. The benefits of assistance through a debt collection company are obvious: instead of using energy and time for nerve-racking procedure, the entrepreneur can focus on its core tasks. Unnecessary litigation and Attorney’s fees can be avoided and the business relationship with the customer remains intact. Briefly and succinctly shows the customer does not pay? Collection helps”, as you can see legitimate debt collection companies, what cooperation opportunities and conditions under which the debtor has to bear the costs of collection.

Sample formulations help for invoices and reminders to get its own debt management from the outset. The author writes of the practice Bettina Martin: she’s certified legal specialist and worked for 30 years for various law firms. Recently she is the owner of own debt collection company in Weilheim i. OB. To obtain the collection Advisor at the price of 5.90 in bookstores and on the Internet, E.g. via,, Bettina Martin of the customer does not pay? Collection helps”basics, tips and decision tools Publisher: BoD, ISBN: 978-3839127612, 52 pages, size: 21.5 x 13.5 x 0,3 cm (Softcover), price: 5.90 Bettina Martin