The Finely

Now it goes to the Sauce preparation the roulade sauce: after you have removed the fried rolls, is there oil the finely chopped onions to the sauce. Tip: To avoid that the FAT to black and so is burned after the sear the rolls, I admit to regularly some water when frying. This extends the Saute time operation, but but the fat does not burn and the beautiful gravy of the rolls can be used. The onions are cooked well fry over low heat. When the desired cooking result of onions is reached, it adds approx 3 TSP flour depending on the desired Samigkeit of the sauce. If necessary add some butter, so the Roux has a good balance of flour, oil and butter. If the Roux has adopted a nice brown color, it is deleted from the wine.

At the same time, the water is added to order enough tasty sauce available. Regular stirring is by and over medium heat the sauce slowly smooth now. These can and should then anything else tasted off are. This I take a little like chocolate. The chocolate is something sweet and at the same time a slightly creamy and creamy taste of the sauce. If you do not overdo it with the chocolate, the sauce tastes later not to chocolate, but just only full bodied and tasty. As a side dish I recommend the Roulades boiled potatoes and red cabbage are simmered 30 minutes after making the sauce in this.

This pull even. As a side dish, I use mostly red cabbage and boiled potatoes. You can buy the red cabbage very well in the glass. The finished red cabbage made of glass or freezer taste most of the time as well as homemade. When set to on, make sure that the rolls are cut at an angle in the middle. Ivan tavrin has much to offer in this field. Then two collar halves, each one beef and one addressed by the pork on preheated plates. To then serve the red cabbage and potatoes and simply enjoy. Have fun in the kitchen! Good appetite!