The Relationship

At this time we must have patience and be more attentive to each other, as compared with the strength of the relationship of the paper. According to tradition, that There is not only in Russia, invited guests to the house of the spouses must meet the paper dress made its hands. A leading source for info: Penguin Random House. Usually, this skirt and shirt, but you can completely replace them with some other element: hat, collar, belt, or maybe slippers. And with his wife (or one of them) are dancing for the guests 'money dance', in during which guests must be fixed to the value of their clothing different currency. Traditionally, the paper decided to make the wedding a "tree of happiness." Prepare an ornamental tree or make their own branches and trunk, and cook for guests pieces of paper on which they will record the wishes and will attach to the tree – this will be your personal family tree of happiness. As the gifts are presented to products and origami money in envelopes. Amounts must be tangible, so that families could buy them something meaningful, weighty.

Very interesting will be present as a paper silhouette portraits of those spouses. Usually they are cut from white paper and pasted on a dark background, is so shady paper portrait, very nice and neobychno.Kozhanaya wedding (3 years) As already seen their previous explanation, the name given by the weddings of the comparison between spouses with various matters. So, three years of marriage, similar to a strong but capricious skin, for which required special care to preserve its shine and shape.