The Traffic

You peinas you, perfumas and maquillas to be smooth when Prince charming. At about 8: 00, you’re already more than lists, but you go back to look at the mirror by a latest 40 times to see if everything is as it should be and Yes, everything is in order and look like Queen. Do from with one and until 8: 15 8 (time that arrives the very AC .nijo, who dares to have a life that does not rotate around you and not calculate the traffic) you pass the following thoughts through head: and if not? And if I plant? I frame it to see where it goes? It will serve as my phone? Let’s see I’ll check… Yes, if it is used, not to see perate, amigui, I can mark my cel, I think that it is not working… Lolis kindly mark you and yes it works your phone. Do have called you her ex and was with her? If it will be in the chamba or rather walks at any meal and now you does gave ROE come? There will be something happened to him? That such that collided? That such that raided it? If you see me well this lipstick? See I think that it looks very Fox, I better get this blessed and be Dios didn’t take more than 15 minutes because we saw many bright questions us go through my mind when we expect something with so much anxiety and urgency. It arrives, knocks on the door, open and ask yourself why it is handsome taaaaaaan? (FEA) You come to greet him and smell your preferred lotion and at that time already as you see cloudy (ugly + oxytocin = now you lost) at the time that embraces you and tells you he had a horrible day and is dying to see you, you can no longer think more, you are in paradise, you kiss it and the world is once again the place wonderful, and dream that was at 9: 00 am when you were just waiting for her call, only that now better because you’re in their arms and their absence, lack of calls and rudeness and pataneria not answer your message NO TENIAN NADA, absolutely nothing to do with you the supporter in question, is simply a normal being, has a life full of activities which are not included.