Theory Reckeweg

Dr. Reckeweg believed that all the causes of diseases in humans are determined homotoxins, ie all factors that came into the human body and hinder the implementation of regulatory processes. We have already seen that organism – a dynamic open emc, but to maintain this power requires that the body is constantly taking place biochemical processes and energy realized. Depending on the slagging of the mesenchyme on theory of biological medicine, the theory of Dr. Reckeweg there are 6 phases gomotoksikozov.Eti 6 phases precisely determine the number of homotoxins who entered into the body.

There are 4 types of homotoxins: 1.himicheskie substance 2.fizichesky factor 3.biologicheskie factors 4.psihicheskie factors. Thus only 4 factors determine our disease. We say that a rigid electromagnetic field affects human introduction of chemicals into the body also changes the em field of the person, because there is a blocking mesenchyme arise persistent biochemical reactions ekovalentnye regard to the gap which the organism is simply no energy in the state slagging. And on this basis, 1-I phase – a phase of excretion. When the body to get into it homotoxin on get into it the substance can be adequately answered all their safety features, ie this excretory organ function, immune system, one In short, when the body responds to exposure adequately. For example, a speck of dust gets into your eyes (physical factor).

What's happening? Released tear. In the nose got a speck of dust or the virus began to proliferate. Organism actively trying to get it out of yourself.