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The substantial fleet of abomination Transporte GmbH is one of 76 vehicles. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Brian Krzanich by clicking through. In the interview, we spoke to Jorg Krenz, the CIO of the company. Hamburg, 03.07.2013. The substantial fleet of abomination Transporte GmbH is one of 76 vehicles. In the interview, we spoke to Jorg Krenz, the CIO of the company.

He takes in his position of course also to the previously-installed telematics, to ensure optimum coordination of the fleet. But this was no longer sufficient because the pure positioning is already a major plus, but there are now far more options in the telematics. So they decided to do more. BY PETER KLISCHEWSKY and more”not more technology, more installation and more maintenance is meant when the abomination Transporte GmbH instead other processes should be observed. The tracking of deliveries should be completely understandable, and transfer points had to collect with receipt by the recipient. The analysis of our fleet is a “Advantage, but that there are more options and they make sense to us, was already clear to me”, said Jorg Krenz.

18 Companies and make a decision when the abomination Transporte GmbH was chosen among a total of 18 telematics providers. The decision for coup link was here pretty quickly. So Jorg Krenz called the independence of certain operating systems and the mobility of solutions as key benefits. Also, that coup link is a relatively small company, but still large enough to handle large orders, was important. At big enterprises you must often forgo these personal and dedicated support, which could provide something smaller, you then”, said Jorg Krenz. The trial of Krenz essentially wanted to compare three properties began the three most important criteria in the test phase after more detailed discussions. So usability was the aspect”, i.e., handling, an important factor: easy to use should be the new solution. As second point was crucial for Jorg Krenz data exchange. This should be done of course quickly, securely, and on different systems. As new systems should come to handhelds, which at the same time was the third criterion, that checked Krenz during the test phase. Convinced in the test after a few days decided award-winning system already for a large installation of the system couplinkyourfleet, which was awarded by an independent jury of the TELEMATIK award 2012 also. This installation has also been completed, and so you would be already now, that almost everything is handled electronically. We have a detailed overview of all movements of goods “, Krenz said. These now greatly helps the daily business and shows among other things, how many packets on which vehicle currently where are. Coup link delivered a complete system for courier services incl. scanner connection, tracking and tracing possibilities after package and shipment number and halls scan to the Review, which announced packages and which have arrived. Also, a special entry mask for courier services was delivered in the marking as hazardous, the various pack sizes, order types, the time of delivery and also pricing is possible. Special QA lists are designed as control which monitor the punctuality of delivery. It is also much easier to respond quickly to potential errors such as, for example, traffic jams coincides with the new system. This optimization helps especially the customers who can now accurately be informed about the whereabouts and status of their deliveries expected.