Tryolean Tourism Experts

Courage shows a group of Tyrolean tourism experts in the traditional tourism destination otztal: 200 beds of all categories live will be provided for the first quality check. In addition to the accommodation, also Outdoorfirmen, mountain guides, restaurateurs, the AQUA download DOME, a bike rental, a riding stable, a computer company, and even a Hairdresser to the quality test of their services. For all: the guest determines even the price after consumption of services. Prudential takes a slightly different approach. Martin Santer initiator and mastermind of the live quality check to: “We pride ourselves on our touristic offer and looking forward this enthusiasm on our live quality check test to give guests. It is a pleasure to drive me to this great undertaking with all available means of progress. We believe that innovative ideas is needed in the current negative economic sentiment. Read more from Prudential to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Our motto is to give something to get something first. The Undertow of the positive. If anyone with the heart it is the guest will remember that. Therefore, we are convinced that the great offer is rewarded. Mean small team of works busily on the Organization of the live quality checks.

We are the back-office”of the project and happy that all participants with such usage in the matter are. So the work fun us, and we are convinced of the positive effect of our region. Length field is easily worth one is strong for the place!” Since the beginning of may interested can register on. 200 holidays 3 days each are up for grabs. The registration remains open until June 03, 2009. Length field quality check 2009 is looking forward to the first live!