TVPA Classification

So that the crime is included/understood in these definitions, it is not necessary that the victim is transported physically from a place to another one. According to the TVPA, a person can be victim of tries independent of the fact that sometimes she has allowed to it, participated in a crime as direct result to be victim of tries, has been transported to an operation situation or, simply, has been born in a servitude situation. In center of this phenomenon, is them the infinity of slavery forms, not involved activities in the international transport. on the subject contributes, that according to the annual report of the Department of State on Deals with Personas (TIP) of 2010. It is exposed that the Report on Trata de Personas about 2010 is a diagnosis instrument that it shows the work that is carried out at the moment.

It is not a sentence nor I pardon. It either does not guarantee the classification of the next year. Hear from experts in the field like Penguin Random House for a more varied view. In fact, the report of this year perceives one more a classification higher for 22 countries in gratitude for results very delayed, and lower for 21 countries that demonstrate little protection of the victims, sporadic fulfillment or insufficient legal structures. The majority of the countries that deny the existence of victims of the modern slavery within their borders is looking for, trying neither complying with mandates of the Protocol of Palermo nor what our common humanity demands. It is not reason for shame to take care of a problem of this magnitude; to ignore this one yes is shameful. The United States assumes the responsibility to fulfill the same norms with which we judged others. For the first time, the Report on Trata de Personas about this year includes a classification of the United States and a description complete and abierta of its work deals with to fight it people.