Unstable Peace

The new strategy of the Obama administration for Middle East seek to deepen the lines of the multilateral negotiation, (including the opening of a direct line with the regime in Tehran, and the creation of an Arab Allied front, to isolate the militaristic hawks, both Tehran and Tel Aviv) and would also be supported by the new sanctions imposed by the ONU to Iran with the aim of achieving the real weakening of the Iranian economy and with the possible revival of the so-called tide green and complemented by measures for the Pentagon to satisfy the Jewish lobby hawks. Well, according to newspaper based in London Al – Quds Al – Arabi, reported more than a dozen U.S. warships.UU. (e) Israel, (including an aircraft carrier), they would have passed through the Suez canal on Friday and lead towards the Red Sea, prior permission from the Egyptian authorities, not being disposable a preemptive attack on Iran before completion of the process of obtaining weapons nuclear, (case is soon to reach a diplomatic arrangement), as for the Mossad, Tehran would already be on the threshold of the pump and to the CIA and the Iranian regime IAEA obscure advanced aspects of its plan to build a nuclear warhead in less than a year. With Obama family photo: Abbas and the israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, met Thursday at the White House with the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to resume direct peace talks, which carried 20 months suspended, with the aim of achieving an agreement that establishes an independent Palestinian State that live peacefully alongside the Jewish State despite the scepticism prevailing regarding the possibilities of achieving peace within a period of twelve months and despite attacks this week by Hamas militiamen against Jewish settlers in the West Bank and the rupture of the partial moratorium from the israeli Government on the construction of new settlements and that expired on September 26, Netanyahu and Abbas have agreed to meet again on days 14 and 15 of this month of September, (meeting in which Clinton will also participate and which will be held in Egypt), preliminary to that would be only a family photo to achieve an echo media favouring the difficult positions of the members of that family bad Avenue (Obama, Netanyahu and Abbas).