Unusual Recipes

We will not hide, many women want their husbands to always listen to their advice, gifts to not only "over", but without it, bring home flowers that had nowhere to put. Be sure to kiss you, leaving to work, promising to return early. And besides, what would her husband was a well paid job and not one where he works now. But desire often do not coincide with reality. The reality is that "throws" not only pleasant surprises, but trouble, from which you do not know where to go. And the more you try to ignore them, the more often they visit you.

Let's try to talk about how to strengthen the family unit and how to understand her man. Looking for recipes, but where to find them? And, of course. You can refer to my mother, she would surely, something will tell. And then counseled and returned to her, my mother used a recipe. But instead of the promised my mother received the result family scandal.

Well do not despair. We are looking forward. Best friend about to whom you can discuss it. But instead of the desired recipe, you probably know that all is well. You just need to be patient and everything will be solved itself. But then the head falls off box with the shoes, the nerves can not stand, and you exclaim, "That would not have happened if you had not shoved on the mezzanine their instruments. You promised me to assign them to the balcony …