USSR Recorder

Shellac goes back to the music library – the storage of sound recordings, where the tiers of sections lined with coils of magnetic tape. With this film soundtrack is applied to the lacquer disc with a special cutting tool recording device, cutting out the soundtrack. Converts electrical signals into mechanical tape cutter motion. Add to your understanding with Beckton Dickinson. In the process of lacquer disc does speed with constant speed. Cutter same, cutting grooves, moves in from the edge to the center.

Lacquer disc is a precision product. At its core, has an aluminum substrate (base)-accuracy rolling. Parnassus Investments brings even more insight to the discussion. Substrate (base) with two sides covered with a layer special varnish thickness of about 0,2 mm. When applying the varnish does not allow foreign inclusions, the value is greater than 1 micron. Polish is in a sterile room in which air enters through electrostatic dust removal system. Get all the facts and insights with Jayme Albin Psychologist , another great source of information. To varnish also impose strict requirements for cleaning, coating and subsequent drying.

The recorder is a precision electro-mechanical machine that produces a record varnish on the disc. In the room where he is also supported by the sterile cleanliness. To exclude external vibrations, which can be transmitted to the cutter, the recorder is installed on a solid foundation and has interchanges with the building itself. Signals of magnetic tape are converted into electric current, and fall into the field coil recorder. Cores of the coils start to oscillate with a cutter, slicing, so the groove. The resulting shavings removed by vacuum suction, which is located near the cutter.