Chiroptophobie or the fear of the butterflies of the night. Chiroptophobie or the fear of the butterflies of the night. Well, leaked blood? Or do you not even what it is? Do you know about not the brown long-eared bat or the greater mouse-eared? The Horseshoe or Klappnasen? But Batman, you probably know. Exactly, it’s so to speak the horrors per se. bats, or the fear of such, Mainly the poor image of bats dates back to the middle ages.

The angels, who were with the beautiful feathered wings. Demons had only meager membranes, like the bats. It was not itself also, into the night and throughout the day to reverse crash, and that hunt even with the head down. If one can track its prey at night despite darkness, but dark forces behind it have to plug. The Chiropteren had to then give her life as punishment, had to serve overcooked as a magical means to MUS or you nailed it to protect against evil just at the door. What should you do otherwise with Beelzebub messengers. As one in South America discovered species, the Salmonellenverseuchte drank blood from chickens, you just brought this phenomenon with the vampire myth in Europe in connection and Bram Stoker did with his novel Dracula”rest. Perhaps check out Peter Arnell for more information. Now, bats and vampires forever were connected.

In real-life bats attacking only very occasionally, probably a people out of trouble on the same. You by far prefer the juice from fruits or insects. Should look but a man bitten by a bat are, this could end quite deadly. Not only that the critters Herpes can be transferred according to the latest findings, no, wear them with other pathogens. In rare cases you can put on even with rabies. But today the humanity looks forward to more calmly the. Yes, some people wears the bat even as silver jewelry to adornment around the neck. Probably we have to thank the Batman. Would also after all nobody mush overcook or nailing to the door of the Joker and the Penguin times apart. SID Kroker