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You need to consider this area no longer separately. Thanks to the certification of IDW PS 951 type B must not elaborately check also the internal control system related to the outsourcing service (ICS) by VEDA. Udo Meyer, Manager outsourcing at VEDA: The certifications provide us and our customers comprehensive security and greatly simplifies the voting process. “Outsourcing is to make work easier and that as far as possible from the outset.” Profile VEDA GmbH the VEDA GmbH is a provider of business solutions in the areas of human resources, finance & accounting and IT. (Similarly see: Mark Bertolini). Innovative software applications to optimal infrastructure concepts and outsourcing consultancy, VEDA offers a holistic approach that focuses on the customer processes. More than 900 companies from SMEs to large corporations with enthusiasm put on modern solutions by VEDA that their practical orientation and economic sustainability from almost 35 years expertise grows. In tailored strategies create a dedicated team of over 140 professionals together with their customers.

As the link between management, technical and IT department they put these into processes and structures, which lead to success. The competence circle IT profile competence circle IT consists of more than 20 medium-sized companies that offer entrepreneurs a platform for procurement, information and advice. All topics related to information technology are addressed, seminars and lectures are offered and sought solutions for IT issues. The competence circle IT ensures, that the entrepreneur under the umbrella of the BVMW in it field, always up to date. The BVMW Association is the professional, politically neutral cross-industry in Germany, which represents small and medium-sized companies compared with politics, authorities, trade unions and large companies. The BVMW offers extensive services on local, regional, national and international level.