Washington States

After the September 11, 2001 on this day the United States launched a project of strong military increase. The armament budget of the only super-power rose to mean more than the sum of the other following seven powers. The largest coalition of countries never seen before is backbone to be able to attack Afghanistan. One of the poorest countries on the planet began to receive an average of $ 1 billion each month in bombings. This figure was equivalent to the average of Afghan exports in more than twelve years. The incursion in Afghanistan led to the fall of the Government and that this was replaced by a coalition of military leaders, many of them with worse records of massacres against defenseless and crimes of war than the Taliban themselves.

Neither Bin Laden nor Mullah Omar have been captured. Pinochet was arrested and then released. Makers of two massacres of September 11 have received different judging by the West. Both have been contributors to the CIA but one always remained friends with the United States but the other attacked him. The general Chilean was allowed to return to his country under pressure from conservatives. Chasing the Saudi fundamentalist to the end after some 3,000 civilian deaths with the Western bombing in Afghanistan.

Despite the fact that it has not made with the goal of capturing the organizers of the macro-atentado against Manhattan and Washington, the lesson given by Busch is that their country is the global policeman and has the ability to bring order where there deemed necessary. The new doctrine that has been imposed is the treat harshly all those who tried as terrorists. Further changes occurred close to these events. Sharon was launched to destroy the Palestinian national authority. The Government hindu fundamentalist increased its actions against the separatists in Kashmir and has raised the possibility that it could unleash nuclear war, which It would be between the India and Pakistan. In Colombia he ascended the Presidency Alvaro Uribe touted a widespread offensive against the guerrillas. In the Basque country is decreed the outlawing of Batasuna, a party that brings together more than one tenth of the electorate but who is accused of being the legal arm of the ETA. Many critics of the new hard line argue that antiterrorism Crusader do not seek to give solution to the real problem that causes social violence. The growth of inequalities among Nations and classes, the increase in poverty and the deterioration of the environment are issues that the United States was accused of belittling, and are these which would cause various social movements or actions of violent groups. The anti-terrorism hardliners requires placing order at the global level in order to ensure investment and the economy. Two XI-IX initially strengthened the Republican right and its agenda of greater military hardness against his enemies, most American interventionism and greater concessions for us multinationals. In the first case the Nixon-Kissinger Falcon line led to an eventual weakening of Washington and successful anti-American uprisings in Indochina, Nicaragua and Iran. In the second case it is leading Busch to a policy of military intervention in Iraq that could isolate the United States in relation to various European and Muslim allies, and that it could end up producing new reactions against such a power. Original author and source of the article.