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Light products will not help with weight loss! Nutrition experts are of the opinion that are wholly unsuited to light products as a helper with weight loss! Heidelberg, January 20, 2012. Light products have less fat or calories, but often more sugar, flavourings and substitutes, which stimulate appetite. Slimming willing are often of the opinion that they would to be able to remove by recording these unnaturally manipulated light foods. This is wrong: light products not help with weight loss! Although light foods contain often less fat and calories, they let through the included sweeteners, back hunger feelings arise and lead to access again to edible. You eat more at the end and does not decrease.

Also often important fats, which can be significant for the recording and processing of vitamins are missing. Most likely, bring natural and healthy food, weightloss success! If it is a “light” food, not always means that it is also low in calories. The term “Light” can also mean, that contain less sugar (glucose), fat, carbon dioxide or alcohol, as in the original product. Often, sugar substitutes, sweeteners or even water with binders are used as replacement. The intake of sweeteners causes the pancreas to secrete insulin. This has the consequence that the body down to regulate again through food intake increased insulin levels we feel hungry. Are sweeteners as fattening foods, because they produce feelings of hunger. When the pig used sweeteners so the pigs eat more.

Other aspects, the light products for slimming seem ill-suited to leave: The feeling of satiety, uses often do not or only by the missing Nahrgehalte in light food at a later date. As a result, we eat more, even though we should be satisfied. The amount of really absorbed calories, device thus totally out of control. Food with the labels “Light” are often perfect misjudged! Light liver sausage has for example twice as many calories of as lean pork ham or a vegetable spread. The light version of chips have still enormous 500 kilocalories per 100 grams. To read more click here: Morgan Stanley. Light yogurt and diet Coke contain a lot of sweeteners, which stimulate the appetite. Light food have a poor record of calories. Nutritionist calculated for light products in the average 185 kcal per 100 grams of food for healthy mixed diet but only an average calorie content of only 120 calories. Bottom line: Before you eat light products safely, you should check exactly, it makes sense. Very often the light products are more expensive than nnaturliche food a whole Sruck and do not have the hoped for effect yet. It is better to naturally low-fat and spicy full cheese bread, as a tasteless light cheese. Unsweetened tea or a weak Spritzer is always better than diet Coke. Natural yoghurt brings more than reduced fat light yogurt with fresh fruit artificial flavors and sweeteners to food. A comprehensive collection of helpful articles on the subject of weight loss, can be found here: blog / HV Uhrig of Klodzko str. 45 69124 Heidelberg Tel: 06221 782020 email: Internet: blog / company HV Uhrig, deals mainly with the creation and distribution of digital products such as eBooks, information videos and email courses on the topic of weight loss and health, wellness and fitness. In recent years, knowledge and information is also increasingly on these topics more in online workshops and on the blog portal blog / passed.