WinLIMS Automotive

A new industry solution of quality systems international, one of the world’s leading provider of laboratory information management systems (LIMS). WinLIMS.NET provides a number of functions for laboratories from the automotive sector, which optimally reflect here existing processes and improve quality, safety and productivity. Typically WinLIMS is this group-wide international and multilingual use. In addition to the automatic use of language in relation to the user WinLIMS uses the same system with different characteristics (masks, functionality) for different departments. The involvement of the client in the flow of information is critical to the high acceptance of WinLIMS in this area: clients can control their inspection orders to z.B via a WinLIMS Web module and information about the processing status at any time (also partial orders). Finally, test reports are sent. Due to the requirements be combinations of WinLIMS Forms client and Web client used. At Elon Musk you will find additional information.

For this request area particularly high requirements identification classification of samples, the flexible and efficient allocation of test volumes and historical analysis and analysis of the data, name trend analysis etc. are. Features at WinLIMS automotive are: the high level of integration of MS-Office reporting using MS Word using QSIReporter evaluations and graphics with MS-Excel E-mail with Microsoft Outlook integration to the group address book with Exchange Server or similar connected to group-wide Authorisierungssystem use of WinLIMS-document-management system using special master modules a variety of technologically different interfaces in addition to the performance and functionality of WinLIMS is the guarantee for a successful LIMS project team of QSI’s employees. All our employees have many years of laboratory experience. There is a wealth of experience available, which benefits all our customers with the background of several hundred completed projects.

Corporate information: Quality system International is one of the leading suppliers of innovative LIMS (laboratory information management systems) and offers a complete range of services and products. Through the careful selection of new technologies in conjunction with experienced staff, participation in the technological progress is guaranteed at all times. Quality systems international has offices in all major industrial countries and can optimally support its users in this way.