Wonderful Council

of the Armies to see of close that Tremendous being; – In fact, the conjunct will be heard. That man will appear he will instruct and them again; – And Mano, sufficiently happy, will make offers to that Tremendous being; ' ' Then, Mano said to the Angel Mr.: However, it leaves let us withhold that you and let us prepare you a kid. However the Angel said the Mano to you: You withhold despite me, I will not eat of your bread; e, if to make holocausto, you will offer the Mr. to it. Because not Mano wise person who was the Angel Mr. (Jz 13:15? 16) ' ' ; – But, That Angel will not accept, marking itself of fact that we cannot offer nothing of value, nor much less a worship to one another being, if not it all powerful you; – We can use as, for example, the Apstolo Joo, who according to book of Apocalypse, wanted to give to cult for two times it, however the angels, who everything showed to it, had not accepted; – Mano, however, distrusted that presumption angel, was not an angel any, but the Alive God; – Mano then, will ask the name of that angel, however the angel answers to it with one another question; ' ' the Angel Mr.

said to it: Why questions thus for my name, since he is wonderful? (Jz 13:18); ' ' – A mystery in this Has: That one was not a simple angel, but he was the Powerful God All; ' ' Because a boy was born in them, a son if gave in them; the principality is on its shoulders; its name will be Wonderful Council member, Strong God, Father of the Eternity, Prince of the Peace (Is 9:6); ' ' – When we deliver our tenths, offers, ahead of the altar, in gazofilcio, in the reality, we are delivering to the proper God. It repairs as it will be succeeded in the history of Mano: ' ' Then, Mano took a kid and it offers of manjares and it offered on a penha the Mr. to them; acted the Angel wonderfully, seeing it Mano and its woman. succeeded that, going up the flame of the altar for the sky, the Angel went up you in the flame of the altar; what seeing Mano and its woman, they had fallen in land on its face. never more appeared the Angel Mr. the Mano, nor to its woman; then, Mano knew that was the Angel Mr. (Jz 13:19? 21); ' ' – Perhaps the mother of Sanso was a barren young woman, some area in your life meets barren, however today, you loved mine already had its life modified for the sending of the Word; – And in love to this transformation you will deliver to yours the God better, and It she will please herself of you;