World Soundscape Project

Murray Shaffer starting themselves the first research on sonorous ecology, sonorous landscape, thus forming the World Soundscape Project (W.S.P.) having as main purpose to study the sonorous environment. For this studious sonorous landscape it is any portion of the environment that possesss sound, either real or abstract construction, as musical composition or ribbon assembly when considered as an environment. Leaving of this estimated it can be thought about sonorous landscape: universal, natural, urban, agricultural, technological human being and. To observe the sonorous ecology provides to the individual to the possibility to develop the hearing, what it is very important also for the development of the human being while to be social. It is given credit that the school must take the alunado one to value the culture of the orality, of the noise, without leaving of side, is clearly, the visual aspect of the things and situations. The auditory sensitization is a process that occurs in elapsing of the life of each one, however needs to be stimulated through exercises of auditory sensitization.

For efficient a sonorous perception it is basic that it has concentration so that if not only perceives the sounds that inside happen of our visual context, but the sounds that occur far from our field of vision, provoked by people, other people’s objects and situations to our will, and, over all are necessary that the sounds are also perceived that occur in the interior of our body produced for contractions of the digestive device, the humming of the brain, the strokes of the heart, the peristlticos movements, etc. All these movements produce a symphony internal that if passes unobserved, but that it happens involuntarily in us. The noise happens inside and outside of our visual field, in some dimensions and in some overlapping plans and this phenomenon it forms ' ' landscape sonora' '. A sonorous landscape is constituted of three components.