Month: August 2015

Increase Of Individual Success By Optimizing

the personal potential, hype – the training professionals increase the individual success by optimizing personal potential. The company hype the training professionals distances itself from well-known sales training and sales seminars and specialized in the optimization of business success. MIP multi inspired performance is a new, revolutionary training model. Not speeches, but trade is the…

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Managing Director

High returns through investments in as already the FIDURA return plus ethics Fund contributes also to the newly created FIDURA yield security plus ethics 3 funds directly to high-growth, innovative companies that are exceptionally attractive due to their management, their products and their business concept and have a high income and appreciation potential. In addition…

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VertriebsREZEPTE 2010

Head sales and your path to success in the automotive sector the VertriebsREZEPTE 2010 – head sales and your path to success – Amicom: 9-14 April 2010, Hall 5, booth D19: every successful company relies on satisfied customers. And it can happen any company that glitches or major changes to cause, that the customers a…

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