Month: May 2018

UN Security Council

The resurgence of the militia Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan joined the growing security problems in Iraq, are two key factors that drive away the possibility of an American attack on Iran. At this stage it must be added that the Islamic Republic is becoming less isolated from the regional and international political and economic…

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So Paulo

In this period of training the cognitivas relations of the child with the way predominate. Wallon identifies the sincretismo as being the main characteristic of the infantile thought. The typical phenomena of the sincrtico thought are: fantastic report, contradiction, tautology and elimination. Of the 3 to the 6 years, in the personalstico period of training,…

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Tati Days

-It was an accidental – he explained Tati-. He was working on the drafting of the journal in which my father had worked when there was a conflict somewhere in Russia that now I do not remember. Everyone thought that it was going to be a temporary conflict, which wouldn’t last more than a few…

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