Month: August 2019

Duties School

The Eca finishes to complete 20 years. Certainly it has yes what to commemorate itself, therefore it has helped to fight many cases of violence against children and adolescents. But in these 20 years of the Eca a question exists which already was perhaps for thousand of educators in all Brazil: – After all, the…

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The Backup

This is achieved, the descender is secured and the required work can be performed. Working in the heights have been completed, an industrial climber, usually to the bottom dump. Only if the rope does not reach to the ground (at a height of 50 metres), he must ascend again. Safety at height work is first…

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Benedikt Roling Hearing

FonoForte listening training improves speech understanding in Hanover. The hearing can performance a special brain training many people increase, without wearing a hearing aid. An editorial team of ARD Advisor has tested the FonoForte listening of the quality Association of independent hearing care professional Pro acoustic, Hanover, health. The report on the Advisor show is…

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